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    90915-YZZD3 vs YZZD1

    I ordered from Amazon, what I thought was the proper LX470 filter as advertised. When I received it, it was Lexus/Toyota YZZD1 filter. Apparently they are pposed the exact same spec except the length is longer on our D3s. The LS400, LS430 and a LX470 use the D3 filter. Bad idea to...
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    BT45-TOY installed on 2002 LX

    Installed the system. I am impressed. Few imperfections bc the voice prompts are very loud compared to the music when a telephone call arrives. I turned this feature off. Not sure what the differences are with the DIP settings. Is there a preferred setting? It seemed to work on all the...
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    New steering wheel installed LX470

    Searched and read up on steering wheel upgrades in the forum and the web. Finally got it done. 3 hours, only bc I made few mistakes. I could probably do it in 45 min now. Color is slightly off, but much better than my old steering wheel. Wheel is from Taiwan. Great sellar on eBay. About...
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    Driveshaft undercarriage grease

    I am about to change my gear oil and grease my driveshaft and all the zerk fittings under the LX470. Found some M1 grease I have from 2011. I think the package even changed on them these days. I read that we may need NLGI 1 and 2 grease. Is it okay to use this on all fittings? Or do I...
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    AHC Fluid change

    I followed instructions on the 100 forum and replaced the AHC fluid on my 2002 LX470. Check out the fluid! Looks like cappuccino color at the bottom and dark green up to. I used all 3L. Must buy specific Toyota/Lexus AHC fluid. Used a Turkey Baster to remove fluid from the reservoir...
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    Screw on roof/windshield molding???

    I have been reading about windshield wind noise. I decided to scrutinize my LX and what do I find? A screw on one side of the roof. I probably should have left it untouched. But I took it out to see what was going on. I will have to find a stainless steel screw to replace with some...
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    A "limited" edition LX for sale?

    A "limited" edition LX. One of a kind? Just a badge?
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    Center console retainer metal clip

    I am missing several clips/fasteners on my LX. My 2nd start switch was not working, pulled the center console to clean the contacts and I am missing one of the 4 metal clips. Anyone know what the correct part number or the size so I can order a generic one? Photo is a generic one from the internet.
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    Glove Box screw

    Anyone know this part number? Two screws that go under the glovebox. Also on the perimeter of the glove box, attachment inside. Listed as #8, in front of the arrow. I changed the cabin air filter and noticed 1 screw was missing. Possibly the reason why the glove box was slightly ajar, on...
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    Master window/lock switch clip

    My window control switch is not secured. Anyone know what this part number is? Is it even available as a separate item, I hope. Seems like it screws in.
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    Recommendation for a window visor 2002 LX

    What's the best window visor to buy. Would like to get one that creates the least amount of wind noise at highway speeds. I have seen some visors in Japan that appear to be very well made. Any recommendations here before I start looking in Japan? Thanks in advance.
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    Wanted  Wanted - 100 series rear wind deflector

    Wanted in Maryland: 2002 Rear wind deflector. This style:
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    Factory roof rack, bolt cover

    My LX is missing the center cover (highlighted in yellow), covers the roof rack side rail, screws are exposed bc the rectangular cap is missing. Can anyone decipher which part number it is.
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    Best spark plug

    What's the best spark plug for the LX? 2002 model. DENSO: SK20R11 or NGK: IFR6A11
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    2002 LX470 Upper Control Arm Bushings

    Are the rear upper control arms (UCA) bushings available by itself or must we buy the entire UCA?
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    Lexus (Toyota) Parts

    Who has the best prices on Lexus (Toyota) parr’s for the LX? Any recommendations? I am looking for a steering rack and PS lines, etc.
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    New to me 2002 LX470

    I just bought a 2002 LX470 with 318k. Need to take it to pass state inspection to get it registered. I think the steering rack and possibly the power steering hoses are bad. I don’t hear any whining, possibly bc the fluid reservoir is full. Hoping it’s only the PS hoses, which prob are $$$ as...
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