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  1. Stewfish

    Mechanic in bend Oregon?

    Does anyone know a good mechanic in the bend Oregon area.? We just moved to the area and on the drive here we got a ABS light. I read the codes and replaced the speed sensor wire harness and speed sensor and it still says that there's a current fault and won't give me the option to clear the...
  2. Stewfish

    Cant fix it, what now?

    We drove 3500 miles. About 30 miles ago my dad was driving. He could have set something on the crawl control button or a phone cord, there is no telling. He is a little older and my wife's dad wa in the car while we were in another rig. I doubt it but maybe they hit something. Anyway the...
  3. Stewfish

    Icon or King, weight, adjustable. Who is the best to order from? Etc

    Icon vs King vs? I'm researching adjustable shocks and came across this thread where he States Kings rarely get 2" lift so go to the 3.0 to have a soft spring but tall enough to get 2" vs a stiffer spring. Then the ride is better overall. He mentions all this for the (600lb) springs...
  4. Stewfish

    Front end wreck - a sign to start my build?

    Not sure how my 150 series desktop link got changed to this page, but it looks like the forum titles changed. Please move to the GX page. Does anyone know how to cross reference the Prado steering rack with the Lexus part # . (4420060223) I think it's time to upgrade to an off-road bumper and...
  5. Stewfish

    Remote start

    I though all gx460s have remote start and it just has to be enabled by the dealership. I connected techstream and didn't see remote engine start option but I have seen it in a picture online. Will it be in techstream? I think I need to select another setting at the program start up. Under...
  6. Stewfish

    Is Gaia Premium worth it?

    Just wondering if Premium is worth double the price?
  7. Stewfish

    Radiator replacement, also radiator hoses - oem vs gates/napa

    Half the neck of my radiator disappeared and started leaking :( 1.) How do I make sure no chunks of plastic are in the engine. I'm assuming it would either be stuck in the radiator or the thermostat. 2. ) How do I get to lower radiator bolts out? Even with the shrowd detached and slid back you...
  8. Stewfish

    KDSS vs level lift - no rear airbags?

    I plan to open up the two kdss screws and go two turns out to relax system. Can put in a front lift like a level kit and close the two screws back up and drive around? It's getting late today. Will everything be okay until I put in the rear part of the lift or do I have to do a rear lift with a...
  9. Stewfish

    LED low beam, test thread w pictures

    The goal of this thread is to put LED lights into the basic gx460 or 470 in the H11 low beam housing. This it to improve constant driving and does not focus on the issues with DRL/high beam. The high beams are covered in the thread below. I wanted to provide a light bulb for my wife to drive...
  10. Stewfish

    Noob, building old gx460, suspension ?

    Hi all, Hi everyone, About me: We got our 2011 gx460 from an auction and I have been upgrading. I was looking for a 4runner but this was actually cheaper and I read all the good things about them when researching Toyotas. It doesn't have crawl control so I ordered the module and buttons a few...
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