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  1. newbielx470

    Top 3 original items to replace for well-maintained & already-baselined Hundy between 200k-300k miles

    Hi all! I have searched quite some threads on similar topics. Thanks for all the great information! Hope to seek your advice from a slightly different angle :geek:. What are the top 3-5 *original* items to replace around 250k miles? These items would usually be marketed as lasting forever for...
  2. newbielx470

    Are aftermarket winch, hilift mount, limb riser, tall antenna etc. street-legit?

    Hi All, I'm planning for long road trips and thinking about adding aftermarket parts like many of us. I'm wondering if most offroading specific aftermarket parts e.g. front bumper (esp. with bull bar), winch hook, hilift mount, tall antenna for comm, limb risers, anything that protrudes or adds...
  3. newbielx470

    Are any model years more/less prone to rust?

    Hi all, I was watching some video from The Fast Lane Truck Youtube channel and they mentioned Tacoma has certain model years prone to rust and there was a major recall to replace many frames. Then I watched one of Scotty Kilmer's vids and he mentioned his Toyota Celica/Corolla doesn't have any...
  4. newbielx470

    Are tires (e.g. BFG KO2) still usable after sitting completely flat for a day?

    Hi all, I installed a new set of BFG KO2s on my Hundy recently. But my aftermarket TPMS sensor kit has problem with the new tires, caused air leak and made one tire go completely flat for a day until I discovered the situation and pumped air in it. It's been another day and the tire seems to be...
  5. newbielx470

    Trouble with OBDLink MX+ reader interface reading AHC pressure on cellphone

    Hi all, I just bought the OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth device and used my Android phone to download the OBDLink app. Then I plugged the reader in the OBDII port and used Bluetooth to get connected. Mainly I hope to read AHC front, rear and accumulator pressures among other usual OBDII parameters. The...
  6. newbielx470

    SF Bay Area mechanics who specialize in 100 series?

    Hello NorCal Hundy owners :) Could someone please recommend mechanics who know inside out about 100 series? Before I can get garage space at home to attempt DIY, I'm looking for shops to do regular maintenance including servicing AHC, and in the long term maybe go for a lift and other major...
  7. newbielx470

    Any Labor Day sale or group buy events?

    Hi All, I saw 4WheelParts offering 10% off for >$500 full price orders (not sure if it's a Labor Day sale or general sale). Do we know other stores nationwide or supporting vendors here offering good discounts for individual buy or group buy? Anything like bumpers, sliders, tires, suspension...
  8. newbielx470

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  9. newbielx470

    Easy and scenic Moab trail recommendation for stock LX470

    Hello! I searched in the forum for easy and scenic Moab trail recommendation and found several threads (pasted below). But I'm looking for a bit more specific info on scenic trails rated 1 to 3 on a difficulty scale of 10. Planning for a trip to Utah including a couple days in Moab soon and hope...
  10. newbielx470

    2000 LX470 side airbags already an option? (KBB says standard)

    I've read some posts on model year comparison and understand that the side torso airbags (seat-mounted) became standard since 2003, while they may or may not be available before that. I was checking on for value of 2000 model year, and noticed that the side airbags are selected by KBB by...
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