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  1. Helipilot

    Electronic distributor

    '77 FJ40...Rebuilt from frame up including total drive train and engine. Had what I thought was a Petronix but now find out it is not. Red with a lid that covers the ignition wires coming out the top. Have not been able to get reliable and smooth engine. Just installed new Live Wire spark...
  2. Helipilot

    2007 LC, 100 series navigation or lack thereof

    The nav in my newly acquired LC thinks it is in Washington DC and I can't get it to even locate itself. Have read some posts on here about the same issues. The DVD for updating the nav is $155 at the local dealer. Problem is the latest update to that data base is 2013 I think he said due...
  3. Helipilot

    3-14-07 LC Right Rear Quarter Glass

    Does all '07 have the antenna embedded in the right rear quarter glass? A PO replaced that glass with one that has the silver tint and the antenna in it. My LC has the automatic antenna on the right front fender and has the electric operated rear quarter glass. I want to replace the window...
  4. Helipilot

    3-2007 mfg Owners Manual

    Just bought a 100 on Friday, one owner, no major damage history, 151k on the clock, has never been offroading. Inside is fairly clean with undamaged leather seats but it stinks of cigarette smoke. Will resolve that this week. It is missing the owners manual and I wish to replace it so I can...
  5. Helipilot

    100 service in Phoenix.

    Just bought a 2001 LC and will be flying in to Sky Harbor to pick it up and drive back to Little Rock. Before I start the trip I want to have all the fluids replaced and the timing belt and water pump replaced Does anyone have a favorite shop or dealership they use and can recommend?
  6. Helipilot

    Pax side holes and plug

  7. Helipilot

    Found under fuel taks

    Started savings found under the fuel tank on my previous three FJ40’s. Interesting what finds it’s way down there. How about your experiences
  8. Helipilot

    Compression test?

    Looking at a 2006 with 240,xxx. Excellent maintenance records but due for the second timing belt replacement, Should it have a compression test due to the mileage? I watched the Slee pre-buy inspection video but no mention of the compression test...what do you folks think?
  9. Helipilot

    Springs behind window regulator handles

    12-76 FJ40. What is the purpose of the spiral cone shaped spring on the window regulator handle shaft? I don't see them mentioned on the microfisch drawings but they were on my doors when I took the doors apart for the restoration. My 4 1/2 yo Grandson managed to tear off the passenger side...
  10. Helipilot

    ‘77 Restomod

    Starting with a hydro blast using water and glass beads. No warping
  11. Helipilot

    Bumper stays on '77 FJ40

    OK, have had this '77 undergoing a restoration for the past 7 1/2 years. I have forgotten which bumper stay goes on which side.. I have one stay that is the standard triangle shape and one stay that has a wedge cut out of it from the factory. I have mocked it up with the standard shape stay on...
  12. Helipilot

    Head rest inserts/stock '77 seats

    Finishing up the restoration of my '77 and need to find the inserts for the head rests to slide into. Mine were missing. Any ideas folks?
  13. Helipilot

    Real time assistance please

    Body mount located at 815mm or 31" forward of the rear body mounts. Insalling new mounts after frame off restoration. The bracket on the frame lines up with a hole in the floor of the body. I am stumped as to how the new mount is positioned and how the bolt is installed.. Any help is...
  14. Helipilot

    Rear Locker

    What does the forum recommend for a rear locker for my '77 FJ40? Air or Electric? I do not plan to do any technical trails but want to have the ability to get out of a tough spot. FWIW I have an 8274 I will install on the front
  15. Helipilot

    CBD salve recomended by Soltice in Solitude

    Thanks to Danny @Soltice in Solitude for his endorsement of the CBD salve for sore fingers. Int the past two months I have had two operations (combat related) and have been fighting off a really bad cold to boot. About three weeks ago my social finger started really hurting and tender to the...
  16. Helipilot

    Wanted  Confer Roof Rack-Full size-4" rails.

    Will pick up within 300 mile radius of Little Rock, AR PM if available
  17. Helipilot

    Toyota Matt's Plug for hole under fuel tank

    Just received the new plugs designed as a replacement for the OEM plugs for the hole under the fuel tank to access the tank drain bolt. It fits perfectly and is an answer for my long search for this plug. Hats off to Matt!!!
  18. Helipilot

    Check the veterans highway thread

    Great news for veterans in Arkansas
  19. Helipilot

    Arkansas Vets have new recognition

    The Republican Arkansas legislature voted approval and the Republican Governor will sign a bill granting disabled veterans a life time hunting and fishing license with free duck and trout stamps for our disabled vets. This is in addition to no property taxes on homes and free license plates for...
  20. Helipilot

    Seat risers for '77 for '77 FJ40

    Part numbers are 71103 for right (PAX) side and 71104 for left (Driver) side. These are the short seat base risers the rear of the seat rails are attached to. I need the height of the risers for each side. I am missing one side pair but not sure which side. I have a matching set for one side...
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