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  1. OceanCable

    For Sale 80 Series Front Bumper, Aluminum, ECB Bullbar

    I'm selling my classic ECB(East Coast Bullbar) bullbar as I've gone to a steel winch ready ARB. Good overall condition, was pushed in on one side slightly but has been properly repaired. There is no winch support in this bumper but you could fab one up fairly easily. ECB sold a winch mount in...
  2. OceanCable

    SOLD 1HD-T Crossover pipe

    SOLD. Crossover pipe for sale, has a 1/8" NPT hole for boost gauge near flange. $125 USD plus shipping.
  3. OceanCable

    Looking for axle outer flange studs....

    Hey Guys, I'm in need of 6 axle flange studs. From what I can tell these are used on many models so I am hoping someone has some of these laying around... I'd like to get my truck back together this weekend. I'll replace them of course. In case you're wondering if I asked the fine folks down...
  4. OceanCable

    Looking for an RTT... new or used on the island...

    Hey guys, I'm considering an RTT for a road trip in early July with the family. If anyone knows of any good retailers or used ones... Let me know! Must hold at least 2 adults min. Thanks, Chris
  5. OceanCable

    For Sale '92 - '97 80 series grill(53101-30130)

    Hey, This grill has a European part number of 53101-30130 when crossed over it states that it can fit 08/1992 - 12/1997 North American FZJ80 Models. Please do your own research to ensure this fits your truck, I can provide any measurements needed to help determine compatibility. If anyone...
  6. OceanCable

    For Sale 1HD-T Injectors, 23600-17010, USED.

    SOLD. Hey All, This is a used set of injectors that had new Denso nozzles installed about 10,000 km ago but I think they need to be re-shimmed... My truck is my daily driver, so I opted to pick up a new set to minimize down time. $350 USD + Shipping
  7. OceanCable

    That's what this is for!

    Washed my air filter... always takes a while to dry out until I remembered that our new dryer came with a specific attachment for drying air filters! 30 min on Med-high and it's good to go!
  8. OceanCable

    For Sale 1HD-T Boost Compensator 22540-17260

    SOLD I have a boost compensator off of a 1990 1HD-T/HDJ81. I was after a stock aneroid pin and couldn't find one so I bought an entire new boost compensator. There is nothing wrong with this unit, diaphragm doesn't leak, includes stock spring but the catch is a mystery aftermarket aneroid...
  9. OceanCable

    For Sale 1HD-T Injectors

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey All, Bought these a little while ago convinced my injectors were in need of servicing.. turns out they are fine. I had an air leak into my fuel system that has been getting worse and worse over time, got that sorted out and all my problems went away too! I purchased...
  10. OceanCable

    For Sale 80 rear bumper step and hidden spare tire carrier

    Hey, These came with my truck('90 HDJ81) which has heavy steel/aluminum bumpers now. I don't have any other related parts, just these two things. I'm not sure what they are worth, if you can use them let me know and we'll go from there. (~ $20/each). I could see shipping the aluminum rear...
  11. OceanCable

    For Sale A442F + TC & parts

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey, This transmission came with my HDJ81 rig as a spare. It came from a fellow mud'r when he did is RHD to LHD conversion and went manual. It comes with the original torque converter, flywheel, flexplate and transmission cooler lines(not shown). It was from a HDJ81...
  12. OceanCable

    For Sale 80 series camping kit

    SOLD. Hey, My truck came with this camping kit that I'm likely never to use, nor did the owner before me... -It has extruded aluminum frame rails with steel risers which all bolt together in a very adjustable way. -The counter and deck panels are profiled to fit the 80 but it may work in...
  13. OceanCable

    For Sale 80 series camping kit

    Hey, My truck came with this camping kit that I'm likely never to use, nor did the owner before me... -It has extruded aluminum frame rails with steel risers which all bolt together in a very adjustable way. -The counter and deck panels are profiled to fit the 80 but it may work in other...
  14. OceanCable

    For Sale Muffler, exhaust tip & PIAA light bulbs

    I've got a few things that can go to keep my 80 LC dream alive... Maybe they can keep your projects moving...below cost!! All items are used, not new. Shipping okay. 1) $75 CAD - 2.5" in/out Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator. Put it on a vehicle, worked amazing but the system as a whole wasn't...
  15. OceanCable

    For Sale 1HD-T factory dump pipe

    I've upgraded mine. This unit seems to be in good condition, free of cracks and appears to be coated, maybe a factory ceramic coating of some sort. I have a third stud for it as well. Can ship it, cost extra. Not sure what this is worth and the guidelines state "no best offers"... so any offer...
  16. OceanCable

    For Sale Remco Aluminum Roof/Safari Rack

    SOLD!! This rack is well built yet light enough that I can load it on myself. It is set up for gutter mount but those tabs bolt on so it is possible to mount it in other configurations . It is currently set up to fit on an 80 series. The basket measures 60" x 44" inside. It is made of anodized...
  17. OceanCable

    1HD-T Intake manifold sealing washers/grommets 90210-08041

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to have a set(12) of these washers used to retain/locate the intake manifold to the head? I'm putting this out there to see if anyone in the BC area has a set they would part with and let me replace them later or take payment... I've exhausted all the part places I...
  18. OceanCable

    New-to-be member, Veteran Island HDJ81

    Hi All, My name is Chris and I am the proud new owner of Steve's(wussypup) rig. Steve was gracious enough to let his baby go to a new home, and I'm excited to have her! The truck needed a few things and it's nearly ready to drive again thanks to the help of Nick(GTS...e)! He kind of got me...
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