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  1. Doug_S

    craigslist 1977 FJ40 in Olympia, WA

    Thank you Sir!
  2. Doug_S

    craigslist 1977 FJ40 in Olympia, WA

    Thanks Rozzi. It's a nice one.
  3. Doug_S

    craigslist 1977 FJ40 in Olympia, WA

    For those that are interested, e-mail me at Info and additional photos available. Price reduced to $19,500.
  4. Doug_S

    craigslist  1977 FJ40 in Olympia, WA

    1977 FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser. Paint three year old White/Blue stock model with a 2.5" lift. New 6 cylinder stock engine with 1 year left on warranty. Engine and truck serviced regularly by Schuler Automotive in Olympia, WA. Rebuilt rear third member, new output shaft on transfer case w/transfer...
  5. Doug_S

    1974 Honda St90

    Parts are definitely available. Check out DrATV OPERATES HERE.
  6. Doug_S

    what to clean small military stove tank with??

    I have a Svea 123 with a brass tank and I used a strong solutioin of citric acid to clean the inside. I bought a bottle of the concetrated powder from my pharmacist. If you do it, mix two tablespoons to a cup of water. Don't get any on'll burn.;)
  7. Doug_S

    Vented gas caps

    I have the same problem with over pressurization of the tank. I too bought a new cap and it didn't change things. I'd rather not drill a hole in the cap. If you had a part number that'd be great.
  8. Doug_S

    Troopy help in Washington !!!

    Take a drive down to Olympia and I'll give you both for a ride in my FJ40. PM me if interested. Best Regards,
  9. Doug_S

    shop in Everett, Wa

    If you want to run it down here to Olympia, I just had a diff and x-fer case rebuilt by a really good, honest, mechanic. PM me if you're interested.
  10. Doug_S

    any machinest on board. need help with a harrison m400 center lathe

    Try Enco - Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Machinery, Tools and Shop Supplies. Their prices are usually reasonable and customer service is good.
  11. Doug_S

    Leaking sector shaft seal

    Thanks for the lead.
  12. Doug_S

    Leaking sector shaft seal

    Does anyone know how to tell the difference between years on the power steering boxes? The reason that I ask is that I'm trying to reseal the transplanted power steering box on my '77 FJ40 and I'm told I need the "donor year" of the box to get the correct seals. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Doug_S

    Craftsman tool chest

    I bought a Craftsman "professional" drill press. Guess what. Made in China. I was a bit surprised too. It certainly wasn't cheap (in price).
  14. Doug_S

    For Sale 1977 FJ40 - Mint in Olympia, WA

    Off the market for now.
  15. Doug_S

    Wanted: Monarch 10ee lathe

    Also check out "Home Shop Machinst" and "Projects in Metal" put out by Village Press.
  16. Doug_S

    FS CNC Milling Machine

    Yes, still available.
  17. Doug_S

    For Sale 1977 FJ40 - Mint in Olympia, WA

    Still available
  18. Doug_S

    For Sale 1977 FJ40 - Mint in Olympia, WA

    Hi Shane, I have the passenger seat installed but still don't have the driver's seat in...too much stuff going on. Anyway, I'll take a nice photo of the passenger looks great. The driver's seat cover is still in the box. Since it's been my daily driver, I've just not found the...
  19. Doug_S

    For Sale 1977 FJ40 - Mint in Olympia, WA

    Yeah, it needs to go. Thanks for the complement Alan. I should have it back in the next day or so, so more photos to follow.
  20. Doug_S

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 - Mint in Olympia, WA

    For Sale or trade 1977 FJ40 In Great Shape – Olympia, WA I, unfortunately, find myself in a position of having to downsize so the 40 has to go. It has a recently rebuilt stock engine (07/08) with three year 100,000 mile warranty. Engine rebuilt by Jasper Engine Rebuilders (JASPER Engines &...
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