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  1. Steve D

    Uwharrie - Memorial Weekend

    This may be slightly insane given the trail traffic I assume will be there, but I am headed to Uwharrie for the first time Friday through Monday. If anyone is looking for a trail partner Saturday or Sunday, let me know!
  2. Steve D

    For Sale  2014 Turtleback Expedition trailer w/RTT - Georgia

    ******SOLD****** 2014 Turtleback Expedition camp trailer Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA $17,000 For sale is the Turtleback I purchased in 2016 from the original owner. I am changing jobs and will no longer have unlimited free storage space or flexibility to take expedition-length trips...
  3. Steve D

    EGR rattle?

    I've searched but can't seem to come up with anything. At highway speeds and mid- to high rpms (~3k), with very light throttle there is a loud rattling noise. It isn't at a specific rpm so I don't think it is a harmonic rattle of a heat shield or exhaust clamp. A lift off the throttle or...
  4. Steve D

    For Sale  CVT Mt. Shasta Extended RTT w/Annex - Atlanta, GA $1200

    SOLD *** SOLD *** SOLD Asking $1,200, new version is $1,895. I am selling the 2+ person rooftop tent that came with the 2014 Turtleback trailer I purchased in 2016. I have used the tent on trips to North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine with no issues but am moving to a two-ladder...
  5. Steve D

    Parting Out  WTB 80 series rear door window regulator springs

    I'm trying to correct some "work" the PO did on my 80. The rear regulators are missing the springs. Please let me know the cost shipped to 30305. Thanks in advance!
  6. Steve D

    For Sale  80 or 100 series tow points - Marks4WD - Brand new $75

    One pair of Marks 4WD part #MFK20126, powder coated yellow. Toyota LandCruiser 80, 100 &105 Series Heavy Duty Recovery Tow Point Fits front or rear of 80/100/105. New in box, all hardware included. Paid $135 shipped from AUS. Asking $75 + shipping from 30305.
  7. Steve D

    For Sale  Five used 2008 (old style) Goodyear MT/R 315/75/16 (Atlanta)

    I recently put all new MT/R Kevlars on my 80 and trailer. These are the take-offs. 2008 date codes Approximately 1/4" to 3/8" tread remaining Pick-up in Atlanta only (no shipping) tires have seen some trail use Driven from Seattle to Atlanta. They are noisy and needed balancing in Salt...
  8. Steve D

    For Sale  Two used 2013 BFG KO 275/70/16 on rims (Atlanta)

    These are take-offs from my Turtleback trailer. Prior owner had a 4Runner and ran these matching wheels/tires on the trailer. I am running 80 series wheels and tires to match my rig instead. 2013 date codes Approximately 60% tread remaining Unknown wheel manufacturer Pick-up in Atlanta only...
  9. Steve D

    For Sale  80 series Lock Right lunchbox rear locker

    I decided to go with front & rear e-lockers so I am selling the PowerTrax Lock Right locking diff from my 1994 80 series. According to this application guide ( the same spec is shown for all 9.5" 30 spline rear diffs from 1968-1998. I believe...
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