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  1. MtMan

    Help with P0305 diagnosis...wire harness looks good

    Hey all. ‘97 popped a p0305 code while on Highway with all the usual symptoms...engine vibration, loss of power, etc. I had this happen once before and jiggling the injector connector fixed issue for another 3 yrs. I figured it was the wire harness near the EGR pipe. So today I started...
  2. MtMan

    For Sale  RTT: CVT Mt. Denali Extended in NE Missouri

    I'm selling my RTT. We recently bought it from the original owner who used it twice and then we took it on a roadtrip to Alaska last month. It was fantastic. I have no other plans to use it, so up for sale it goes. Here's the link to the craigslist ad. CVT open with annex by MtMan posted Aug 23...
  3. MtMan

    Wanted  Large RTT like CVT Denali or McKinley

    I'm looking for a large RTT for some road tripping with my family. You know you have one and it's just sitting sitting in your garage Let me know what you've got and how much you'll let it go for!
  4. MtMan

    Need help with front end vibration...

    Towed a camper a month ago. Small vibration developed the next day. Got worse everyday. There is a noticeable whir and vibration at all speed. Disconnected front driveshaft and noise went away. Right now I'm replacing the front u-joints. But they didn't feel bad when I removed the drive shaft...
  5. MtMan

    Tire wobble...Bad bearing or loose bearing??

    i was rotating my tires today (after 5 years and 40k miles...hehe) and noticed some vertical movement on the front passenger side. That's a bearing issue right? I rebuilt my front end 5 years ago and I'll take the time to open it back up tomorrow, but what's your experience with the vertical...
  6. MtMan

    Newly Installed AC Clutch getting hot

    Hey guys. I just installed a new AC clutch. Bought from Toyota dealer. The bearing was tight and once installed it was very tough to turn the pulley by hand. Once engine started the clutch became hot and smelled hot. Is this normal for a the new bearing to be that tight? Should it be getting hot?
  7. MtMan

    Is alternator hefty enough to charge camper battery??

    Hey, all. I took my popup camper to Yellowstone two days ago and wasn't quite ready for the 20 degree temps at night. The furnace is quickly draining the battery down. I don't have the 12v pin on the trailer plug connected yet, but will before we move to a different campground tomorrow. My...
  8. MtMan

    Braking shaking w/ new rotors and pads: Bushings?

    Hey, all, I just finished a front end rebuild yesterday and put on new front rotors and 100-series pads. Before the rebuild, I was experiencing a shaking when braking anywhere from 40-60mph (felt it more in the truck than the steering wheel if that makes sense) and a brake pulsing at low speeds...
  9. MtMan

    Please Advise: Axle Oil Seal ran groove in axle. How bad?

    Hey, all, I started rebuilding my front end today and I notice on my PS axle there is a groove where the oil seal sat. It is not present on the other axle. How bad do you think it is? I have both OEM and Marlin seals and was planning on putting on the OEM after a lot of reading on Mud. But, I...
  10. MtMan

    Events/Trails  Alaska Road Trip with my new '97 LC

    Hey, all. I've been drooling over this forum for about 6 months and finally bought my first 80 back in March. It's an unlocked '97 with 183k with every maintenance record since new. $6900. I love it. It's pure joy. I'm taking a month or two of sabbatical in September from my work and thought...
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