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  1. aaron9252

    FYI - FJ paint job cost

    Hey guys, I’ve debated for years on having my FJ painted. Well, a buddy of mine found a guy locally that is pretty well know for quality jobs at a fair price. I had two other quotes and honestly they’re all over the place. I researched on mud a few times and found the same, pricing is fairly...
  2. aaron9252

    Gotta love Walmart, 2006 LX470 rear bumper

    My wife made the mistake of swinging by our local Walmart and to her credit, tried to park far away from everyone. Unfortunately, when she returned to the LX, she saw the bumper like this. No clue how it happened but nevertheless, it sucks. The vehicle’s exterior WAS almost mint. Plan to call...
  3. aaron9252

    ‘06 LX470 with 64k miles

    Drove across NC to pick up this new to me ‘06 lx470 with 64k miles. The exterior is 9.5/10. The interior is 8/10, cracking on the front seats. Hope to find someone who can recondition them. Has Night Vision which is pretty cool, just not very practical. I’ve been reading up on these to make a...
  4. aaron9252

    Advice needed for rust spot

    I was getting out of my 60 and noticed this spot. I’m a rookie when it comes to rust removal/prevention. Any advice to stop the madness would really be appreciated!!
  5. aaron9252

    2h HJ60 oil pressure gauge

    Hi, I’ve been doing some reading on oil pressure on the forum but wanted to also get some opinions. I live near Charlotte in NC and it’s been in the upper teens low 20’s in the am. I noticed that my oil pressure was higher than normal in the morning while driving to work. I took a picture...
  6. aaron9252

    Not a 60, but still BA. Need some help.

    My buddy found a gem that he's anxious to purchase because he doesn't know much about cars. He sent me these pics along with others of a 56 Jeep in what appears to be great shape for an unbelievable price. My question is this...he was told my with wife of the deceased husband (owner) that the...
  7. aaron9252

    Amperage draw question

    Hi all, I tried this over in the 60 section but should've placed the thread in the 24V section. I think I may have an extremely slow draw on my hj60 and have been trying to hunt it down. I went through every fuse and unfortunately didn't see any change to the below DCA on my meter, it stayed...
  8. aaron9252

    Amp draw question

    Hi, I think I may have an extremely slow draw on my hj60 and have been trying to hunt it down. I went through every fuse and unfortunately didn't see any change to the below DCA on the reader. May not be an issue if you guys say this amount isn't enough to drain batteries. After replacing...
  9. aaron9252

    1986 2H 24V woes...about to jump off the deep end.

    Guys, If you're like me, you REALLY like figuring things out yourself and it feels like a kick to the junk when you get to the point of giving up. Well, when it comes to my 24V 2h, giving up translates to taking it somewhere to be diagnosed which then leads to being kicked square a second time...
  10. aaron9252

    2h 24v FSM link help

    Guys, Hopefully I didn't simply overlook it but I've been searching for a link to a FSM for my 1986 24v 2H. I've either found broken links, random PDF pics, or old threads that show the pictures inactive. Does someone have a full FSM link out there? Thanks!
  11. aaron9252

    2h relay diagnosis

    Hi, I'm still fighting electrical woes with my 24v 2h. Got my rebuilt alternator hooked up, went through all the wiring, checked grounds, etc. Once I hooked up everything and went to start, the glow light flickered on and off and that was it. It started right up but I didn't have time to dig in...
  12. aaron9252

    Prinsu roof rack - similar style and company for 60s?

    I've been looking at roof racks and roof rails for my 60. I really like the Prinsu shorter style. Most seem to be bulky, which I'm not a fan of. Unfortunately, they haven't finalized the 60 series unit as of yet. Anyone have recommendations that look similar?
  13. aaron9252

    Front-end rust, lower panel

    Anyone have the official name of the lower valance seen below the grill that has all the rust on it? For some reason the only rust on my truck is on that piece. Looking to remove, clean up, paint and replace. Also, it looks like I'll have to remove almost all pieces surrounding it to...
  14. aaron9252

    Need 2h valve cover part numbers

    I'm trying to source a new valve cover gasket and o-rings for the valve cover bolts. I think this gasket should work if someone could confirm...11213-68CAE I cannot locate the bolt o-rings for the life of me. Help please!
  15. aaron9252

    2h alternator sourcing help!

    Hi all, I've been dealing with a charging issue for several weeks now and currently have my alternator at an alt specialty shop. They inspected it and found the stator, rectifier and diodes all to burnt and need replaced. Due to being a 2h 24v with the vacuum pump, parts are essentially...
  16. aaron9252

    Charging issue after cold start

    Starting last week, I noticed my volt gauge not reaching its normal 28 point after starting the LC. Typically, right after I start the truck and hit the gas a little, the meter would jump to 28V give or take. As of last week, after driving for about 1-2 minutes is when the voltmeter would...
  17. aaron9252

    Searching for vibration in floor board

    I've been trying to figure out where a vibration is coming from in my 2000 LC. The sound started about 2 weeks ago. The noise is noticeable once 45mph is attained, not felt in the steering wheel at all, and felt in the floor board. Sound doesn't go away when shifted in N. Sound doesn't change...
  18. aaron9252

    HJ60 starter system issue

    Hi all. This issue just came up about a week ago. Now each time I start my LC, it starts but struggles to do so as if the batteries are weak. Tested batteries and each are at perfect charge. They're about 6 months old. Alternator is putting out correct power. When I turn the key, I can hear...
  19. aaron9252

    24 volt system charging issue

    I've been dealing with a charging imbalance from the moment I purchased my 24v HJ60. After a lot of research, small fixes, new batteries, and as of last week a new alternator rebuild, the charging issue is still present. I've replaced cables and all connections are clean and solid. While...
  20. aaron9252

    "New" Toyota 2H oil filter

    So, I recently changed the oil in my 86 2H for the first time and the PO had a what appeared to be an aftermarket filter of some kind - all markings were rubbed off. After researching, I found the NAPA Gold filter part and went with that. Immediately after, I started seeing drops of oil on the...
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