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  1. zakthor

    Wanted  3B engine in reasonable condition

    Hi Guys, The 3b on my 12 volt 84 bj60 is really hosed now. I'm looking for a motor that can limp me through 3-4 more years without needing a rebuild. I'm located in seattle area. Thanks!
  2. zakthor

    M00re rust repair - all hail the mig!

    Rust in drivers door hinge finally got to me. The bondo and gnar from previous owner was chunking and rotting away from the surface. Not as bar as passenger side that i did last year. Anyway, parked in garage, door off, hack at it with crowbar until the big stuff is busted loose. Then flap disk...
  3. zakthor

    Help Diagnose my 3B -- Blowby!

    I was sitting at a stoplight and noticed a bunch of smoke from around the right front. Pulled over and opened hood, the tiny pipe I call The Blowby Pipe is smoking like a chimney. Open oil fill cap and same deal, huge pulses and smoke coming out. The radiator was a little low, like 4oz, and...
  4. zakthor

    I Fixed my 84 BJ60's 3B Starter with Money

    Blue truck (1984 bj60, 12v with 3b, 460k km) was seeing intermittent start. Fix was to bang on starter with a pipe but this became less reliable within a month. Wife needs truck for some hauling and wants it now. Reading on here there's all sorts of solutions and by crossing my fingers I...
  5. zakthor

    Another stereo yellow wire thread

    Truck came to me with busted head unit, replaced it with a kenwood excelon kdc x397. No issues or surprises on install except new speakers and speaker wire everywhere. 10 years of use the usb port is now broken. Wanted to upgrade to bluetooth and a stereo that supports that hands free fad...
  6. zakthor

    Diagnose Last Nights Steering Pump Thing

    I had some sort of steering pump issue and I'd like some eyes on what happened. I've no experience with steering pump. Last night I had to do some extreme parking. Reverse parallel parking into a tight spot while facing down a pretty steep hill. With expensive cars front and rear. All was well...
  7. zakthor

    Door Seam Rust - The consequences of chronic neglect can be dire.

    OMG. I think this is beyond my skills. I think I need a new door. And a paper bag to breathe into. Like the dentist says you gotta floss twice a day. Doctors tell diabetics to stay on top of their blood sugar. And fj60 owners need to stay on top of proper drainage and sealing. Whatever that...
  8. zakthor

    Hi Again and Rusty A-Pillar

    Hi folks. I can't believe how long its been since I visited this site. I'm seriously stupid for not looking things up here. The amount of good work and knowledge recorded here is just stunning. I spent a year trying to treat/stabilize rust chemically: por15 (too toxic!), zero rust, rust...
  9. zakthor

    Rear Frame Shock Support Cracked Loose

    Driving along loving my cruiser, an 84 bj60. Stock tires, 2.5" OME lift. Going through a parking lot with those little steep speed bumps, maybe 3" high. Light load, just 2 spare tires and some tools in the back. After running over the third little speedbump at 15mph I hear this growling sound...
  10. zakthor

    Visiting Maze in Spring, what spare parts?

    Will be visiting Utah in the spring with family. Early April. Driving to Chimney rock in the Maze district and then hiking out from there. 7 nights. Can’t wait, super excited, its been 15 years. I’ve driven out to chimney rock three times in two different ford explorers. One explorer was a 4...
  11. zakthor

    new bj60 in seattle

    Hi folks, This forum is an amazing asset and part of the reason I committed to a bj60. I imported mine a few weeks ago from 2hrs north in BC. Its an 84, early axt turbo, ome springs, no pyro or boost gauges. While I was looking I had names for each candidate to keep them straight, the one I...
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