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    H41 rebuild/input shaft options

    Hi MUD community. After recently doing a H55 conversion on the HJ47 with a fresh gearbox and transfer case i realised that the gearbox and transfer case in my FJ45 was a bit noisier than it should be. With the recent success with the H55 conversion i tore the H41 out of the 45 with enthusiasm...
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    2F carb or ignition problems? Advice on where to start looking?

    hi everyone. Having a slight issue with my 2F and really would appreciate some advice on where to start looking from some of the more experienced members on here. I have started to drive my 45 daily again after taking a couple of years to restore it. Before i started on the build the ute was...
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    New Aussie member. 1979 fj45 and a 1983hj47

    Hi everyone new member from nsw Australia. New to the forum, not so new to the 40 series. Great forum!! it’s hard to describe how helpful this place can be at times.
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