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    New FJ60 Owner + Stereo Install

    I’m definitely interested in this bracket. Please provide the vendor who can print these. Thank you
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    SOLD Austin, TX: 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4 5-speed Short Bed

    Is the new price $17499 or is that the original asking price?
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    SOLD Reading, PA 1994 Extra Cab V6 3.0

    hi @BROKEROB1 , yes i did and thank you. I got busy with work and haven't had a chance to get back to this forum and see you sent me the info. I will probably call tomorrow. Thanks
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    SOLD Reading, PA 1994 Extra Cab V6 3.0

    Very interested. Do you have a number i can call for more details.
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    For Sale TX: ARB 3800050M Roof Rack

    I have only been to Houston once in my 40 years of life so I doubt I’ll ever make it back there again. I do pray that the damage is minimal for you guys over there and no lives are taken. I do make it to Austin 4-5 times a year but again, difficult to transport without a pickup or trailer.
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    For Sale TX: ARB 3800050M Roof Rack

    Still for sale but cannot ship. Too difficult to deal with on shipping. That being said, I’ll take $250 for a rack that is nearly new.
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    My album

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    Tuffy Box Shipping Receipt
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    For Sale 1962 FJ40 FST with 13B-T and H55

    Click the ‘62 link right above the price and it will forward you to the pics.
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    For Sale Black Tuffy Series II 6.5in Wide Security Console

    Console is Sold. Thank you all for your interest.
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    For Sale  TX: ARB 3800050M Roof Rack

    I have a 3800050M ARB roof rack that came off an LC200. This is the rack only and no fitting kit. You can go to ARBs site to see what vehicles it will fit. I know it will fit the following: 2008-2015 LC200 1998-2007 FJ70 2007-2009 FJ Cruiser Specs: Roofrack Mesh Rack 1850X1120mm (73X44)...
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    For Sale ARB Air Hose ONLY $20+shipping

    I’ll take the air hose. How much for shipping to 79707.
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    For Sale FJ60/62 2nd Row Only Seat Leather

    How much for the two front seats and this 2nd row out the door with shipping? You can PM if you need to. Thanks
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    Will this rack fit my 60?

    Thanks, i will give them a call.
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