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  1. AdventureRider

    For what is this sensor on intake manifolt?

    Hi, i just replaced my 1HZ engine with 1HDT engine. For what is this sensor on the intake manifolt next to oil dipstick. Is it a sensor? Where to connect to? one more question, can i use the two pol sensor left next to the oil filter as a coolant sensor for the dash board? i used to have on...
  2. AdventureRider

    remove 1hz engine

    Hi, hope i am right here. i couldnt find anything in the search. I am removing my 1HZ engine to replace with 1HDT engine. I came to an issue removing it from transmission. Is there any way pros remove the engine without dropping the transmission? There is that one bolt up in the corner on the...
  3. AdventureRider

    1HDT on 1HZ manual gear box

    Hi, i am new here in the forum and i hope i am in the right section. Otherwise i would appreciate help to move thread. My question, after purchasing a 2nd hand engine 1HDT here in Cambodia i am planning to install it on my 1HZ manual gear box. Someone oversea told me to becareful as the 1HZ...
  4. AdventureRider

    rear axle off center

    Hi, i am new to this forum and hope i do not ask a question where the answer is already known. I own a Landcruiser Year 92, manual, 4,2l diesel. I have been fixing this car here in Cambodia many many times as it had endless problems. I am now on a point where i am quite happy with the car and...
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