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  1. TruckeeTruck

    Fuel pump won't stop priming, engine won't start (3FE)

    My rig is a 1991 with the 3FE. I just finished replacing the head gasket. I put everything back together, and now I can't get it to start. Whenever the ignition is on, the fuel pump runs constantly instead of just for a moment to prime the lines. It will run as long as I leave the key on -...
  2. TruckeeTruck

    SplitSec MAF conversion kit

    Does anyone know if SplitSec is still selling the MAF conversion kit for the 3FE? The link on their website is down. 1992 Land Cruiser MAF Conversion I emailed them, but since they're shut down from the quarantine I'm not sure when I'll hear back. I've been looking forward to getting one...
  3. TruckeeTruck

    For Sale  (NorCal) Full set of leather seats - 1991 FJ80

    For sale: a full set of grey leather seats from an FJ80. The front seats are in poor condition. Both have large rips in the leather, but the padding is all intact. The passenger seat is patched with Gorilla Tape. The middle and third row seats are in better condition. One large tear on the...
  4. TruckeeTruck

    Transmission slipping - any ideas?

    Got a 91 FJ80 with the A440 transmission. After some hard driving in the snow a couple weeks ago, it’s started slipping when it shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear. What do you guys think? Worn clutch? I already tried changing the fluid, no effect.
  5. TruckeeTruck

    Running a 3fe on wood gas?

    Wood gas vehicles: firewood in the fuel tank Anyone here ever build a setup like this for a 3fe? I'd love to hear about it. How easy/hard was the project? How well did it run? Any issues?
  6. TruckeeTruck

    Anyone know who makes these bullbars?

    Saw this for sale on a Facebook group. I really like the design, but unfortunately it was in Australia. I've seen pictures of this style before, and I'm wondering who makes them - and more importantly - can you get one in the US?
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