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  1. BigZPatt

    Transfer Case Issue

    So, I took my LC to State Automotive in Utah. When they had it up on the lift, they put the truck in drive and the front has plenty of power. However, the rear driveshaft barely turns and the driveshaft can be stopped by hand. What could be causing this? Anyone ever experience this before...
  2. BigZPatt

    Where can I find the FSM for a 99?

    i've checked the forum and where links have been placed, they either don't work or they only give portions of the FSM. If you have a digital copy, could you share?
  3. BigZPatt

    Who has a RTT mounted on factory rack?

    I'm picking up an ARB RTT tomorrow and because I'm getting it for such a great deal, I don't have time to research (or my wife's blessing) to buy a completely new rack system. I was told by installing a 3rd crossbar that it would hold the weight of the rack. But as far as mounting the rack, I...
  4. BigZPatt

    What components am I looking at?

    I was told that I have a bad body/safety control module which is draining my battery. I was also told that the above mentioned control module is located behind the right front passenger kick guard. Can you help me identify what components in these pictures are the control modules?
  5. BigZPatt

    For Sale  Utah: 100 Series (2000) Master Cylinder + Booster

    For sale is a Master Cylinder for a 100 Series. This works on ‘99 up to 2001. Not sure about other years. Works great. Super clean for the age. Parted out from a 2000 with 200k miles. Selling for: $550 obo
  6. BigZPatt

    For Sale  100 Series ABS + Master Cylinder - From 2000 LC

    I've got a Master Cylinder and ABS Booster assembly from a 2000 Land Cruiser that's for sale. Super Clean. No leaks or issues. I've also got a Rebuild Kit to replace the master plunger (P/N 04493-60330) Selling for $500 for the MC and $550 for the MC + Rebuild Kit Shipping Included in the CONUS.
  7. BigZPatt

    Where is the Body ECU?

    I’m having problems with my doors locking and the dealership said it was due to a bad body ECU. The computer will either think the doors are locked/unlocked and will keep trying to do the opposite function which drains my battery. I can’t find where others have experienced this. Have you had...
  8. BigZPatt

    Power Steering Gear/Housing

    Hey Guys, what's the difference between the Rack and Pinion Steering Gear and the Steering Housing? I'm confused as I feel that every part inside of box 1 - the total Steering Gear - would be MORE expensive than the Steering Housing Part 2 Any help you can provide...
  9. BigZPatt

    Connects to WHAT?

    What does this little guy connect with/to? I labeled the oil pan for reference. This is on the left side beneath-ish the driver side seat
  10. BigZPatt

    Such a thing? Safety ECM?

    I bought this ‘99 LC and it has some demons. One of which is when I use the key fob buttons to lock the doors, the computer tries and tries to lock the driver door and then drains the battery. The other issue I have is if I manually turn the door lock button with my thumb while still in the...
  11. BigZPatt

    Feeling weird bounce/buck coming from Center Diff

    I tried searching the other forums and couldn't find something similar to what I'm experiencing. I bought this 99 Cruiser about two weeks ago and so i'm still getting used to it's quirks. When driving on the freeway at 70mph I fill a bucking, bouncing, jumpy feeling directly under my driver...
  12. BigZPatt

    New to IH8MUD and Land Cruisers

    Hey ya’ll, BigZ here, I bought 1999 LC a couple weeks ago after trading in my 2018 Tacoma. Wife and I are looking to simplify our lives and I want get into Overlanding and make it a family affair. Got the rig back from the mechanic after taking care of a few things. We noticed that there was...
  13. BigZPatt

    Wanted  1999 100 Series Brake Master Cylinder and ABS Booster

    Looking for Brake Master Cylinder and ABS pump/Booster for 1999 100 Series. The Toyota Part Number is: 47050-60041...
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