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  1. bamauz100

    Winch Bumper ID

    Hello all. Need to ask 4Runner experts a question, I am sorry if this redundant, I have owned GX470 and J100 models, but I am contemplating purchasing an 04' V8 4runner that has some off road mods already done. The truck is clean and very nice, but curious about the front bumper. Seller is...
  2. bamauz100

    OME Install & AHC Removal + Bumper Recommendations

    Guys, my first post, here so if I screw this up please go easy. I have purchased a 2001 LX470 with the intention of building a daily driving 4x4 overland rig. Took a while to find a southern car without rust issues (one was in terrible condition, 4 others sold before I could get there) but I...
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