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    New EGR head gasket conspiracy theory / how to REALLY delete the EGR (if you believe it could/ should be deleted in the first place)

    I'll start this with, I'm still not sure I want to delete EGR, mostly because after I rebuild my engine from a cylinder 6 head gasket failure, I have to pass emissions ONE MORE time in Georgia before the truck is 25 years old and no longer requires emissions. I just don't want the extra headache...
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    For those who have rebuilt a 1FZ, a tiny question

    Does the oil filter union need to come off the block so it doesn't get messed up in a hot tank like the oil pump bushing? How about the oil orifice up by cylinder number 1? What is it made out of? FSM shows removal of both of those things, just wondering if hot tanking is a reason to remove them...
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    What would you do? Head Gasket blown, coolant mixed, but not for that long!

    My head gasket blew in November. Highway driving, pull over to get my kid something, engine overheats, engine sputters and misfires as I pull onto road shoulder, turn off engine. As soon as I got the truck home I checked the oil, phew! No milkiness on the dipstick or under the cap. So I figure I...
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    Should I rebuild my 1FZ-FE? How to make an informed decision?

    There are 296,000 miles on my LX450 and I just blew the head gasket on the way home from my last wheeling trip. I pulled over on the side of the highway to start a DVD for my 3 year old, and saw that my Ultra Gauge was reading 249 degrees F, so I pulled deeper off the shoulder and saw the big...
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    Pitted / Rusted swivel hubs - What would you do?

    My truck came from Virginia, and Michigan before that with lackluster maintenance history. I am rebuilding the front axles now and am stuck trying to decide what I should I do about these pitted swivel balls. I cleaned them up the best I could and used some rust converter on them. I am trying...
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