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    For Sale  100 Series locker ECU and wire harness

    removed from a clean Texas truck with 110k - $120 plus shipping
  2. fl4031003

    For Sale  100 series rear swaybar

    removed from a rust free Texas truck with 110k great shape with perfect bushings $50 plus shipping
  3. fl4031003

    For Sale  FZJ80 Garage Sale

    Cleaning out garage: Most all removed from 97 40th with 156k Tail Lights $50 each - LH SOLD Sun Visors - tight with no sag (right-side has small tear on the topside) $150 set Sunroof trim $20 ABS Stuff - have everything just let me know what you need Front seat belts $100 set - SOLD outer door...
  4. fl4031003

    2018 GCC Spec GRJ79 LX build

    Just getting started on this, I am still in the parts Collecting stage, this will get going once I finish my 60/80 build that’s about 99% done. Zero mile body and interior. PW,PL, tilt, PM, duel tanks, vent windows, fender flares. I also purchased a RHD 2014 50k miles truck for the drive train...
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    Moved to 70 section
  6. fl4031003

    Locked third

    I have a full float 2008 79 series rear axle. I was wondering if a 99 locked 100 series third will work in this housing with the existing axle shafts?
  7. fl4031003

    SOLD  2004 Tacoma TRD Offroad DC 101k

    Posting this for my father in law. (75 years old) One Owner, non smoker always garaged. 101k miles Recent timing belt and AC work, all maintenance done at the same Toyota Dealer ship since new. Purchased new in Texas and always in Texas. No rust. Front seats were replaced with 2002 4Runner Sport...
  8. fl4031003

    For Sale  Tx. Spare tire crossmember with winch FZJ80

    Clean rust free removed from 97 40th with 150k on it. $75 plus shipping
  9. fl4031003

    For Sale  Tx. Spare tire crossmember FJ62

    Clean rust free from a 1990 $75 plus shipping
  10. fl4031003

    Fuel tank beather question

    Have a custom fuel tank using stock OEM sending unto and beather. My question is does the breather go to the VSV under the intake or the charcoal canister. I looked in the FSM but it was not clear.
  11. fl4031003


    How long does it take to show your 15 year date? I’m a few weeks past due.
  12. fl4031003

    97 dash wiring help

    Took this thing apart over 3 years ago and do not see where these two plugs would go. Any thoughts? Located between AC and blower motor cases
  13. fl4031003

    For Sale  Tx, LEXUS GX460 wheels

    Removed from a 2015 G X460 within the first year, great condition from dry central Texas. All 4 are boxed up and ready to ship. No center caps. $400 plus shipping
  14. fl4031003

    For Sale  Tx. NIB OME steering stabilizer FJ40

    Purchased some time ago thinking it was for an 80: sell or trade for new FZJ80 stabilizer. $55 plus shipping
  15. fl4031003

    FJ62 running issue

    Trying to chase down and rough running issue on my sons 62. intermit rough running like it’s missing. This only happens when fully warmed up and under a load. I cleared the codes but they were 41; 42 and 51. Runs well most of the time but this is starting to happen more often. 234k well...
  16. fl4031003

    Part number help

    looking for both knock sensor harness clips on the wiring harness please. 1997 1FZ
  17. fl4031003

    For Sale  FJ62 rear shoulder belts grey

    real nice shape $120 plus shipping
  18. fl4031003

    For Sale  First gen manual trans Tundra brake and clutch buckets

    as the title says, hard to find and in great shape. $125 plus shipping
  19. fl4031003

    For Sale  NIB OEM FJ60 Fuel Tank (Tx)

    just as the title states, thought I could use it on my build but the 80 frame swap requires a customer tank $525 plus shipping
  20. fl4031003

    MUDShip  Central PA to Austin Texas

    Need some FJ60 seats shipped, anyone have some extra space heading that way?
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