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    Wanted  OH. 12/68 Fj40 speedo/odometer assembly or a good complete cluster

    Looking for either a complete Gauge cluster or just a good speedo/odometer assy. Pictures of what you have and price please.
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    For Sale  OH. OEM power Steering Pump and bracket like new condition

    OEM power steering pump and bracket. Came off a 1981 Fj60. Brand new was run for less than 1000 miles and the the truck was t boned by an f250. Comes with all shown. $ 500 plus the ride
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    Your thoughts are requested

    Jdc1 and I are having some discussions on my 12/68 Fj40 and what I should or should not do. This is actually a conversation we all need to visit as these 40s are getting pretty hard to get. This one has been with us for about 8 years and we have worked together and have made this survivor very...
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    For Sale  Ohio Fj60 OEM power steering pump bracket and pulley

    Like brand new OEM power steering pump. Was installed and 2 months later trick was t-boned and totaled. Was on an 81 Fj60 and I believe it fits through 87. Bracket and pulley included. $500.00 plus the ride
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    For Sale  Akron Ohio Aisin d40 carb excellent condition

    Aisin D40 carb has a factory tested sticker and looks like it has never been installed. Includes simple air cleaner. Stamp number 8j2 60151. $295 including the ride. Best to pm me. Paypal
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    SOLD  Akron Ohio 74 F carb

    74 fj40 carburetor. Casting 180 stamp 4A 24 tag 60205. Dirty and slight surface rust but rebuildable or parts. $65.00 including the ride. Best to pm me paypal
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    For Sale  Akron Ohio 6/75 kick vents patina red

    Set, left and right patina red kick vents. Peace sign is retro and kind of cool. Looks like original paint. $20.00 including the ride. Best to pm me. Paypal
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    SOLD  Akron Ohio old school lockout hubs Free-Lock

    Never used. Installed on my 69 Fj40 and decided to use a different set I had. $125.00 including the ride. Best to pm me paypal
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    For Sale  Akron Ohio 2f carb

    Rebuildable I believe a 9/86 2f carb. $100.00 including the ride. Best to pm me. Paypal
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    Overland metric

    Just went over to overland metric for my own black friday fun. Stainless and all other kits on sale 25% off and free shipping. It takes it off the normal price automatically. Finishing up my exterior and it makes a difference. If you use the stainless make sure you use...
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    12/68 heater hose pics and routing

    Re-hosing my fj40 with all new lines to from the head to the rear heater and back. Looked but had a hard time finding any pictures of what others have. The build date is 68 but it seems to follow more early 69. First picture shows inside of cab at firewall and heater, I copied what looked...
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    Brighter light bulbs for gauge clusters?

    Working on my 12/68 FJ40 and am going to pull the cluster to install a new speedo cable. Famous last words, as long as I am in there...Does anyone have a source and experience with brighter bulbs that is a plug and replace? Found it on my search
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    check your parts washer before you button it up

    Working on my 69 FJ40 putting in a new rear main seal, took off the rear main bearing cap cause it makes it so much easier, put the bearing cap in the parts washer, noticed the .020 spacer on the block cause it fell off on the one side reinstalled and torqued the cap, reinstalled the oil pan...
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    Wanted  FJ40 Hi/Low Transfer Fork Ohio

    Looking for a good used but not worn Hi/Lo Transfer Fork that fits 1958--7-80 three speed transfer case. Have mine apart and the one in there is pretty worn. Picture if you can and price
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    Wanted  Battery tray 12/68 Fj40 Ohio

    Looking for an aged non-painted surface rust patina battery tray for my survivor. Please PM me with pictures and price. Thanks
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    Wanted  rear heater hard lines fj40 12/68 ohio

    Looking for a set of hard rear heater lines for my survivor. Please PM me with pics and price. thanks
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    Wanted  old school 87 fj60 roof rack ohio

    the old chrome/stainless factory roof rack or parts looks like a grocery getter deluxe, Some even had a spoiler wing
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    For Sale  1972 "Formula"

    Not mine no affiliation Toyota: Land Cruiser
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    Firestone Destination M/T 30x9.5x15

    December 68 FJ40 survivor. Just got the rims back from the powder coater. BFG MTs are not really available, BFG ATs are 10.5". I would like to stay with an old school skinny tire and came across the Destination MTs at Tire Rack for around $150.00 each. Reviews outside the forum seem pretty...
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    1968 or 1969

    Titled and bought as a 1969. Front turn signals are square like a 69 and later and original I think. Number on Frame and Tag FJ40L 64770 12/68 Build numbers end 63779 01/69 Build numbers start 64779
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