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  1. Benjitis1

    Opinions on rusty BJ60. Worth it?

    Hopefully going to take a look at a 1985 BJ60, 5spd, 3B Diesel, with 3" lift next week. Has a rusted out rocker panel, some frame rust that has been repaired and more frame repair needed. Some sheetmetal rust was cut out and replaced with riveted sheet metal patches. Price is $2000. Im gettin...
  2. Benjitis1

    For Sale  1972 FJ40 Trail Rig...not for Purists

    1972 FJ40 Trail Rig Located in Gig Harbor, WA $8000 1972 FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser. Original inline 6 "F" Motor, mated to an SM420 4spd tranny (granny 1st gear) with advance adapter. Aussie lockers front and rear, 36x12.50r15 TSL super swamper bias plys, Procomp wheels w/ weld on beadlocks...
  3. Benjitis1

    pre'67 3spd case 4wd shift fork modified to post '69 case?

    Ive got a '72 3spd transfer case that has an extremely worn 2wd/4wd shift fork, causing my t-case to pop outta 4wd into 2wd while driving. I have a shift fork from a vaccum operated '67 3spd case that is the same dimension, but needs a hole drilled and tapped for set screw to fit in newer 3spd...
  4. Benjitis1

    Wanted  '72 4wd shift fork

    Need the fork for 2wd/4wd in nosecone of 3spd case that had lever on the floor, not vaccum shifter.
  5. Benjitis1

    High compression numbers, with blue smoke?

    1972 F motor, '75 Cali Spec Aisan Carb. After idling for a while i start to get blue smoke, and after a little while longer it starts to run rough with even more blue smoke. Did a compression test today with 2 different guages, one a screw in with rubber hose, the other was a rubber press on...
  6. Benjitis1

    2001 Landcruiser Vol.2 Factory Service Manual

    2001 Landcruiser Vol.2 Factory Service Manual, lightly used, excellent shape!! $50 plus shipping sound good to anyone?
  7. Benjitis1

    Rear chevy/waggy springs and inboard q's

    Im lookin to get a lot more flex in the rear of my 40. The stock 40 springs with the "spring flip" just aint cuttin it. Ive searched, but havent found what im after. Hopin for a writeup if anyone may have a link?? I want to run some long leaves, ive heard possibly chevy or wagoneer springs, and...
  8. Benjitis1

    Rear chevy/waggy springs and inboard q's

    Rear chevy/waggy/xj springs and inboard q's Edit: After more searching, xj springs sound like a good option. Anyone else running these. Im lookin to get a lot more flex in the rear of my 40. The stock 40 springs with the "spring flip" just aint cuttin it. Ive searched, but havent found...
  9. Benjitis1

    Built Axial for sale

    Comes with Radio, charger and spare parts. ABout $1000 invested. Never been in a comp, backyard only. $500, or trade for WARN Winch. Located in Gig Harbor,WA. (253)405-0349
  10. Benjitis1

    FJ40 parts, trail gear pitman, fold & tumble seat

    Driver side fender and apron, good shape-$60 Passenger side fender and apron, not so good shape-$40 Apron, good shape-$30 Tire carrier from '72, modified to fit 35" tire-$30 Factory tool box cover-$20 Stainless steel brakelines for drum brake frontend-$30 SM420 Shift lever w/knob-$20...
  11. Benjitis1

    Wanted  saginaw pitman arm

    Need a pitman arm for my saginaw steering box. Flat or 1" drop. Located in Gig Harbor, WA 98335.
  12. Benjitis1

    Wanted  Saginaw Pitman Arm

    Need a pitman arm for my saginaw box. Flat or 1" drop maximum. Shipped to 98335, WA. Just realized i was in the for salesection. My bad.
  13. Benjitis1

    Fork-lift style fender flares???

    Ive searched. I got nothing. After i dovetailed my 40, i seem to get a lap full of mud and water when im wheelin in the rain, even with full doors and bikini top. I heard there was some pics on here a while ago where someone (maybe bobby long?) had attached molded fender flares off of a fork...
  14. Benjitis1

    For Sale  2003 F-350 7.3L Diesel

    Located in Gig Harbor, WA. 2003, F-350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel, 4x4, Auto, White, Crew Cab, Longbed, Lariat, leather, fully loaded, 4" lift, 35" Toyos, 121,000 miles. Asking what i owe on it, about $19,000. Give or take a grand or so:D The sooner i sell it, the sooner i get an FJ60. Help a...
  15. Benjitis1

    Got info for a trip to Baja fj60 build?

    Baja Peninsula advice? I plan on drivin down to the Baja Peninsula in the next 5 months in an FJ60 i will hopefully be purchasing in the near future. Hopin to score some waves and comin back unscathed. If anyone has been and has some advice, im all ears. Im takin my little brother (18) with me...
  16. Benjitis1

    Dove season came early!! (Build thread, kind of.)

    Ive owned my rig for 3 years and up until 6 months ago i had only done a springover, rear spring flip, cali spec aisin carb and gm power steering along with new paint and herculiner on the inside and a set of 35" BFG mt's. I didnt plan on wheeling it too much...until it got boring drivin on the...
  17. Benjitis1

    1972 FJ40 Birfs, inners, hubs, ss brake lines

    I have 4 course splined birfields, 1 set of inner axles, newer set of course warn hubs in great shape, and an older set of course warn hubs good for spares, and a set of stainless brakelines for the drumbrake front end 9" long each, and a hardtop, could use some love, all good glass, minor...
  18. Benjitis1

    mini disc/master cylinder question.

    ABout done with my mini truck disc brake swap onto my'72 fj40. It came with a brake booster and a front and rear reservoir on the master cylinder. Cant find out in the FAQ or searching if this will work, or if i'll have to switch to a different master cyinder or add a brake proportioning valve...
  19. Benjitis1

    Brand New Trail Gear Pitman arm

    Got the pitman arm inn the hysteer kit, but dont need it. Brand new. $50. Go check it out at Its the standard pitman arm in the hysteer section.
  20. Benjitis1

    Draglink for saginaw/crossover steering

    Got a draglink for use with a saginaw box/pitman arm and double steering arm. One end of draglink is metric thread for steering arm TRE, other end is standard thread for gm/saginaw pitman TRE. $25
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