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  1. Bigsky80

    What do you carry? Tools, recovery, spare parts, etc?

    I carry the usual tools and have added ignition coil packs to my LX470 load out. My 80 series was fairly predictable regarding maintenance, but the 100 series coil packs (in my case) seem to go bad without notice. They are easy to replace if the need arises. I also bought a cheap code reader...
  2. Bigsky80

    Power and start in 2nd gear buttons?

    Someone else mentioned it in a different thread, but I have found the PWR button make a significant improvement if you engage it for steep hills at highway speed. Thats about the only time I use it.
  3. Bigsky80

    Dogs of MUD!

    Here's one of Cosmo waiting for the geese. Cheers, Scot
  4. Bigsky80

    Would you be turned off by this rust?

  5. Bigsky80

    Builds Project Code Name "ASAP Flaps"

    I'm certainly happy to hear that.
  6. Bigsky80

    100-series vs 4runner Trail

    I daily drove an 80 series for quite a while and loved it. I bought my wife a 2018 4runner and sadly was very disappointed. The quality was nowhere near the first gen 4runners I had previously owned. It was so bad that we ended up trading it in for a Subaru after less than 2 years of...
  7. Bigsky80

    22 Hours Straight Through, a Deer, and a Bumper

    Glad you are okay and the truck is still drivable. With the deer we have in Montana that's often not the case. It is for that reason and only that reason I went with an aftermarket bumper. Don't really see much point without a bull bar though, Cheers, Scot
  8. Bigsky80

    Noob attempt to replace front rotors pads and bearings

    If you plan to use the old races to seat the new ones make sure you sand or file the leading edge of the old race. My dumb ass didn't and I got them both stuck:bang: Cheers, Scot
  9. Bigsky80

    Builds Project Code Name "ASAP Flaps"

    Just ordered mine... no more broken trailer windows:clap:, hopefully. Cheers, Scot
  10. Bigsky80

    New member intro / purchase advice

    It's the TJM17. I'm pretty happy with how it looks. Most importantly I feel it will help the front end if I ever come across one of those suicidal deer. A few months ago I had a kia rio turn in-front of me on a oneway street. Only damage to my rig was some extra silver paint on the bumper:cool:
  11. Bigsky80

    New member intro / purchase advice

    I would say at current rates you did just fine. For reference I purchased my 99 for 6500, paid for the timing belt/waterpump, replaced the alternator, and threw new tires on which left me right around 12k invested. Cheers, Scot
  12. Bigsky80

    100 Series Ute Conversion

    Your UTE is really impressive! I'd love to hear an estimate on how many hours you have into it once you're done. You're making this whole project look too easy:cool: Cheers, Scot
  13. Bigsky80

    Whistling sound when car cold ?

    I had a similar problem with my 80 series. In my case it ended up being a cracked intake tube. Used electrical tape as a temporary fix. Cheers, Scot
  14. Bigsky80

    Trim detaching on LX top hatch. How would you reattach?

    I would recommend using braided fishing line to remove the emblem, then thoroughly clean both surfaces and use the heavy duty 3m double sided tape (Black not grey). That stuff works very well and I have never had an emblem come loose once secured with that stuff. The surfaces do have to be...
  15. Bigsky80

    Why did you choose your front bumper?

    No real issues. There are a lot of pieces to it and you can see the bull bar move a little while driving around. However, it took a pretty good hit last week and didn't budge a bit. There are some pretty interesting TJM test videos on youtube. They hit a 90kg kangaroo replica and discuss the...
  16. Bigsky80

    Why did you choose your front bumper?

    TJM T-13. Like others I purchased mine to prevent my LX from (hopefully) being totaled in the event of a deer strike. Last week I had a car turn infront of me... car was pretty messed up but all my bumper got was some additional silver paint.
  17. Bigsky80

    Ice problems with sliders

    I'll have to try that. Do you have to reapply throughout the winter? That very well could be. Last Friday I went duck hunting and on my drive home things went from wet to frozen creating the initial muddy ice block.
  18. Bigsky80

    Ice problems with sliders

    I still have the front mud flaps, suppose its time to look into remounting them.
  19. Bigsky80

    Ice problems with sliders

    Well like many of you we are dealing with some cold temps and snow here in Montana. This is my first winter with sliders (IPOR from Metal Tach) and I've noticed that as ice builds up behind the front wheel I get a knocking due to the limited clearance between the slider and the body being...
  20. Bigsky80

    Let’s see your white 100 series!

    Thanks! I got the TJM through Autoanything.
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