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    selectable vs full time lockers

    Been reading up on lockers the last couple of days... seems like people around these parts really like the Aussies, with Detroits and ARBs getting honorable mentions (mostly because of the cost). When wheeling, are there big advantages or disadvantages to a selectable locker (ARB) vs a full...
  2. J

    dual cases, slit cases, twin sticks, crawler boxes...

    OK... I'm waaaay out of my league here - hoping you guys can help me get this stuff squared away. I'm considering buying an FJ40, and first on my list of mods would be lower gears (assuming it still had a manual tranny in it). I've been doing a lot of reading lately to try and get a handle...
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    budgeting help

    My wife and I are going to be selling our house soon and downgrading. As such, I will have some money to spend, and I'm trying to decide whether I should keep building my 4Runner, or buy an FJ40. I'm trying to keep the emotional factor out of it (a 40 is my dream trail rig) and just work off...
  4. J

    some wheeling pics

    Spent some time at Paragon on Sunday... here are a few pics (there are lots more on my site. Click on the thumbs for bigger images.
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    The search is on

    After a few years of dreaming and casual looking, the search is officially on for an FJ40. I say officially because now I have my financial advisor's (read: wife's) permission to buy a trail rig. I want to do this right the first time through. The problem is that I am by no means a gear...
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    ebay - 74 FJ40

    I am in no way affiliated with this ad, but it looks like a solid crusier that is built right. Thought I'd pass it on... Some highlights - - 1991 Fuel Injected Pontiac 5.0L - upgraded cooling system - NV4500 tranny - spring over with FJ55 springs - custom driveshafts, hysteer, turned...
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    advantages of hy-steer when SOAing

    I've read some posts that recommend converting to a hy-steer setup when doing an SOA conversion on a 40. What exacly is hy-steer, and what are the advantages? Is it worth the extra money to have it done at the time of SOA?
  8. J

    *swallow the pride* newbie question

    I'm sure if I had asked this a long time ago, I would have gotten a lot more out of some of the posts I've been reading... What's a knuckle? And I don't mean the things on my hands smartass ;)
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    lift/soa questions

    I'm getting close to purchasing an FJ40, so I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I've got a few questions about lifting FJ40s. The general consensus seems to be that (for trail use), a spring over conversion is the best lift option. The Skyjacker kit seems to be the best non-soa lift. My...
  10. J

    fiberglass tubs

    advantages: light, won't rust disadvantages: more damage when "rubed" on rocks/trees, harder/more expensive to repair Anything else worth mentioning?
  11. J

    V8 fj40 weight

    What's an approximate weight of an FJ40 with a V8, probably one from the early 70s, if the tub/sheet metal matters? Trying to decide if I can/should tow a V8 FJ40 with my 4Runner.  I'm looking at a couple of rigs that aren't running.  If I end up reaching a deal with someone, it would be nice...
  12. J

    need a measurement - height of soa FJ40

    I'm looking for someone with a sprung over cruiser on 35s or 37s. Can you measure the height of your rig from the ground to the top of the hard top. I'm meeting with a builder tomorrow night to discuss my plans for a new home. I want to make sure I can get my future cruiser in the garage...
  13. J

    help me find my FJ40

    I'm looking for an FJ40 to undergo a V8/auto tranny swap.  It doesn't have to run well, but it does have to run, i.e. it has to be able to be driven onto a trailer so it can be shipped to me (if necessary), then towed to my mechanic. Requirements: - year doesn't matter, though I would prefer a...
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    comments on skyjacker 4" softride

    I'm looking at a rig that has a skyjacker 4" softride lift and 35" MTRs.  Does this setup flex very well?  Is it enough to clear the 35s without significant rubbing? I'd love to hear from people who are running it, or who have run it in the past.  It will need to be good enough to last me until...
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    Re: 1975  FJ40 For Sale

    you've got mail
  16. J

    what year did the wipers move below the windshield

    What years were the windshield wipers below the windshield?  On these rigs, where is the wiper motor located?
  17. J

    what would you pay for this rig?

    I need some help evaluating a rig (yes, again). Here are the details I have at this point - - 1974 FJ40 - Ford 302 (mileage unknown) - Stock tranny and tcase (both rebuilt, 200 miles since rebuild) - Holey 650 carb - Power steering - Front Disk brakes - Mild suspension lift to clear 33s...
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    auto tranny swap

    I've been doing a lot of reading, and it seems that the SM420 is a very popular tranny to swap into a Chevy V8 powered rig. If I'm going to do a tranny swap, I'd want to go with an auto tranny. Auto tranny info is harder to find - is there a preferred auto tranny to go with a Chevy 350? Any I...
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    educate me - lots of questions

    Finally found a rig locally that I can actually look at. It sounds like it's a bit more of a project rig that I was hoping for, but it sounds like it's got all things I wanted - just needs a good tune up, some minor work, and some TLC. Here is the description I was e-mailed...
  20. J

    anyone seen this cruiser before?

    I've seen this cruiser before, but I can't remember where. Maybe here? Any thoughts/comments? Here's the info
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