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    Swivel hub seals 95 80 seriesFzj

    Swivel bearing seal any ideas on this one i am holding . Did not take one of so bit concerned
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    1995 80 series 1fzfe steering leak

    Okay leaking from what i think is the steering box please correct me with proper name and any possibly have a pdf manual for this one. Power steering pump seems to be under and attached to refill bottle but nothing seems to be attached to belts so im thinking must be electric after market pump...
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    Checking water pump function

    HiI have 1hfze motor recently rebuilt. Runs nice. No issues with overheating but have no water flow through radiator once at operating temp or during warm up. When i do stop however water seems to come out of the overflow for a while. Changed the radiator cap already any thoughts would be...
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