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  1. ChuckB

    "Mi Toyota es Fantastico" - Spanish BJ73

    Hello 70 Series group! I recently acquired a '87 BJ73 here in Spain and I'm very excited to be part of this group. Long story as short as possible... I have been on 'Mud for a little while and owned several Land Cruisers during this time. However, due to deployments, numerous moves and...
  2. ChuckB

    Ball Mount too long, hits spare tire.

    **Towing Noob Alert** Did a search and couldn't find any info on this subject. A couple weeks ago I was planning on towing a Uhaul trailer for moving. I have in the integrated hitch in the bumper. I bought the OEM receiver adapter and installed it. Then went to Uhaul and bought a "TS1"...
  3. ChuckB

    Cargo\Pet Barriers for 03+ with Rear Air and Curtain Air Bags

    Now that I have two kids and two dogs I'm very interested in obtaining a cargo/pet barrier for my '04 LX to keep them separated. The biggest issue I'm running into is that fact that unlike the older 100s and 80s for that matter I have rear curtain airbags and A/C. I have done a an extensive...
  4. ChuckB

    100-Series Meet-up 9 June

    See Details here (not at REI ;)):
  5. ChuckB

    I've got my Pink Panties on... again! (Reintro and Build thread)

    After nearly 6 years of being Cruiserless, it is great to be back. I'll try to keep this rather short and get straight to the pictures immediately. If you want to read the longer version and you are not a member of Expedition Portal, click the link ExPo Thread. Short version - I sold the FJ55...
  6. ChuckB

    Wanted  100-Series Wheels - 5 x 16" or 18" non-chrome

    I'm looking for 5 x 100 Series wheels in good condition. Will consider 16 or 18 inch wheels. Prefer something in SoCal so as not to deal with shipping.
  7. ChuckB

    Black SLEE'd 100 at REI in San Diego

    I saw a VERY nice black 100 (Slee front, rear and I believe sliders, black wheels) at REI in San Diego on Memorial Day. I believe we walked right past each other in the parking lot, but I did not put two-and-two together in time. Otherwise I would have said hi. Anyway, very sweet...
  8. ChuckB

    Trade  100 Series Wheels

    I have 4 18" Chrome wheels on a 2004 LX470. I'm looking for the non-chrome wheels. Will consider 16" or 18" wheels. Can discuss tire swaps as applicable. Located in San Diego, CA.
  9. ChuckB

    San Diego Day Run - September 4th or 5th?

    So, I'm finally back in San Diego!!! The bad news is that I'm deploying in about 3 weeks... In the meantime I wouldn't mind meeting up with some of the SD 'Mud crew to do a little day trip on September 4th or 5th. Is anybody up for a group run to somewhere in the vicinity of SD?? I...
  10. ChuckB

    70-Series in Encinitas, CA today

    I saw a 70-Series in Encinitas/Carlsbad San Diego today and was wondering if it was somebody on 'Mud. Had Anza Borrego as a license plate. I was definitely jealous!!!
  11. ChuckB

    For Sale  ARB Sahara Winch Bumper '98-'02 LC/LX

    I have a barely used (~500 miles) ARB Sahara Bumper that is for sale. It has been in storage for the last 2 years. It does have the chrome hoop. It does not have fog lights. I believe that I have most of the hardware, but I need to find the moving box it is in... I had it on my LX for a...
  12. ChuckB

    4x4labs OM617 update

    Just received an email, if you are interested see the new site OM617 conversion
  13. ChuckB

    What size bolt for the end of axle to install snap ring?

    I'm just finishing up my first ever front end rebuild and I need to get the snap ring back on. I know that you can help this by putting a bolt in the end of the axle to pull it out a little bit. I need to do this because I can't even see the groove were the snap ring belongs. What size is the...
  14. ChuckB

    What year FSM?

    I have a few issues that I would like to start taking care of but I'm not sure exactly what FSM to buy. My piggy is an 11/71 production date I believe. I did a search but couldn't find anything conclusive. The reason I ask is because on the SOR site its broken by Chassis & Body Manual-Fits...
  15. ChuckB

    Rear window help!

    I have had my 55 for about 3 weeks now and I am finally starting to go through and see the state that everything is in. The other day I was operating the rear window and i heard a thunk, like parts falling off while the window was moving. What I ended up finding was that part of the track had...
  16. ChuckB

    Intro to the Intro of my new 55!!

    Just realized there was a 55 specific section :doh: Here is the thread from the 40/55 section. Looking forward to meeting/wheeling with you in the future!!
  17. ChuckB

    Intro - New FJ55!!!!

    Saw this 55 in the paper on Thursday, looked at it on Friday, purchased on Saturday. I just had to bring it home, its a keeper!!!! Some Specs: '72 FJ55 Rebuilt F engine Rebuilt 3 spd Rebuilt Transfercase Some kind of Man-a-fre add-a-leaf shackle lift Receipts indicate an Aussie 40...
  18. ChuckB

    REAL TIME HELP!!! '72 FJ55 value?

    Ok, I did a search and read as many threads as possible. It seems that the values vary widely. the specs; '72 FJ55 Two tone Grey/white rebuilt engine/tranny/transfer NO RUST 3spd on the floor? Original interior it excellent shape front winch (not sure if its a PTO??) I am trying to go...
  19. ChuckB

    FS: 2000 LX 470 in HAWAII

    I know this is a long shot since I'm one of the few 'muders in HI. But here she is. I'm only selling because I don't drive it very often and my wife and I carpool to work in her in car. I'm holding out for another 60 or a 40/55;)
  20. ChuckB

    International MWM Power Stroke 3.0 4 cylinder direct injected Diesel?

    Has anyone had any experience with this motor. I have talked with Jonathon Ward(TLC4x4 in Van Nuys, CA) via email and they are going to start offering this motor in Cruisers that are smog legal in CA. I have not heard of this motor being discussed in any of the diesel conversions threads...
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