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    Shocks, OME vs Fox

    Looking for advice on the best riding shocks for a FJ62?? No real hard off-roading is going to be done, just want the smoothest riding least stiffness. I currently have OME on a 2.5” lift. I’ve been considering the Fox 2.0, but wanted to hear out any fellow mud members with past experience. Thanks
  2. J

    CCOT Molded Aussie Carpet Kit FJ62

    Hey all, has anyone used this molded kit from CCOT? Just wondering if the advertised molded fit is as advertised. I know there are tons of carpet kit threads, just wanted a first hand perspective from someone who has used this kit. Thanks
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    17" wheel back spacing

    I want to put a 17' wheel on my 1990 FJ62, but having a hard time finding any information on what the best backspacing is. The rim I like is 4.75" back spacing. Does anyone have any experience or insight if this will work or any unforeseen issues? I want to put a 255/80R17 on this wheel. Thanks!
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    255/80R17 FJ62

    Has anyone ever run this size on a FJ62? Just wondering if there were any issues to consider?
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    Brake Conversion

    What's the best brake conversion kit to use on a 1990 FJ62? Just wondering what everyone is having success with. Thanks JB
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    BMW Seat Upgrade

    Does anyone have any insight in to installing BMW Series 3 seats into a FJ62? Is it plug and play, or does some fabrication need to happen? Cheers
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    LED lights

    Has anyone used these LED lights or have recommendations for LED upgrades. I have the Moo2 &moo4 wiring harness upgrades. Is it really as easy as plug and play...
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    Differential Gear Ratio Vs. Tire size

    I have a stock 1990 FJ62 I think the differential gear ratio is 4:11? It also has a 2” lift. Would I be fine to run a 32” or even a 33” Tire with out any noticeable differences. Thanks I appreciate the experience on this forum.
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    FJ62 Master Switch

    I Have a 1990 FJ62. The door lock button lols and unlocks everything but one rear door. Is this a problem in the master switch or the individual door it won’t unlock? Thanks
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    FJ 62 Mirror Shake

    Has anyone had any experience tightening a shakey mirror? It’s the electric type on a 1990 FJ62.
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    Wanted  Wanted: 60/62 Fully Restored

    Looking to purchase a restored FJ 60 or 62. Would prefer a Cummings or Vortec swap. Show me what you’ve got. Thanks
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    Gutter Rust

    Just wanted some feed back from anyone that has ever encountered or had to fix rust in a FJ60 gutter. Was it expensive? Hard to Fix? Worth walking away from buying a 60 that has gutter rust? Thanks for your input.
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    FJ 60 Search

    Hey new to the group, but stoked to find a thread of Cruiser enthusiasts. This may be a long shot, but throwing this out there in hopes of finding a FJ 60 I once’s owned while I was a student at Iowa State. It was a 1987 FJ60. I had taken the interior out of the cargo area and replaced it with...
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