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    Circuit that provides power for electric choke

    Can someone tell me what circuit provides power for the electric choke on my 87 4x4 truck? The red wire going to the electric choke housing does not have power and hoping a fuse will solve the issue
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    For Sale  FS 1987 Standard cab long bed DLX 4x4 Low miles

    Selling my 1987 DLX Standard Cab long bed 4x4 Toyota 118,XXX original miles. Carbed 5 speed with NO RUST! Truck was purchased new in Santa Fe, NM and has spent it's whole life in the dry NM climate. You will not find one more rust free in original condition. Engine compartment is as it came...
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    Wanted  Truck, 4Runner wheel centers

    Looking for wheel centers for these aluminum wheels. Think they are from SR5 Gen II trucks and 4Runners. Closed centers in back and open centers in the front for the locking hubs. Send me a PM or give me a jingle at 505-238-2522
  4. J

    For Sale  Genuine Toyota 90915-20004 Filters

    This is for the purists. Genuine (Made in Japan) Toyota 90915-20004 oil filters for 4.7 V8. These were purchased new in 2009 for 9.20 each. I have two cases of 10 each I will sell for 75.00 per case, plus the ride. The new ones are made in Viet Nam or Taiwan or somewhere.
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    For Sale  2001 LC 101,500 miles

    This dark green 2001 has only 101500 on the clock. One owner, dealer services every 30 including the 90K service (timing belt and water pump). Sunroof, roof rack, nav, jbl with CD, leather in great condition, tow package, power everything. Michelin LTX M+S with about 50% tread. Clean engine...
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    4.7 Toyota Oil filter

    A friend told me the Toyota oil filter for the 4.7 Truck and LC are no longer Japanese made. Is this true?
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    2001 Hundy

    Sold my FJ62 a year and a half ago and have kept my eye on a friends 2001. She bought it new and has been dealer serviced (even the 90) it's whole life. Michelin LTX's at about 50%. It is very clean, but does have some damage in the lower portion of the upper tail gate. It works fine and the...
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    For Sale  1988 FJ62 Factory Repair Manual

    As identified in title. 9.5 out of 10 on condition 40.00 shipped
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    For Sale  FJ62 Steelies

    Have a set of 5 chrome steelies for sale. Very nice condition. In New Mexico. Want 200.00 for the set. Travel regularly to the panhandle, AZ and OK
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    For Sale  Low mile 62 for sale

    I am selling my 88 FJ62. It has documented 121,500 miles. Has spent it's whole life in NM, and has been garaged 95% of the time when not on the road. I am the second owner, and bought it from an old neighbor that purchased it new when he was 71 years old. He used it to go back and forth from his...
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    FR 376 from SR126 to SR4 and FR 10 from SR4 to Ponderosa are supposed to open Friday, 4-13. Most of the rest of the gates are going to remain locked till who knows when.
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    4Runner or Pathfinder?

    Got a buddy that is getting rid of his xploder and is trying to figure out whether he should buy a Nissan or Toyota. Looking at both from a price standpoint, the 4Runner is about 10% more on MSRP. The last Nissan I had was still called a Datsun. I have had nothing but Toyotas since 1988 so...
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    Bland open house

    I know this is pretty late, but the ghost town of Bland, NM will have it's gates open for visitors tomorrow. I am attaching the info I have. Can't make it myself but thought there may be some of you that would like to make the trip. West of Cochiti a ways. Driving Directions Link...
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    Stock Bumpers

    Looking for front and rear stock bumpers for my FJ62 Thanks
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    RE: Garage Items

    Was prompted by this post to get rid of some stuff myself I have two receiver hitch carriers. One aluminum "Bumper Buddy from Cabela's, for 2" receiver. Folds up when not in use. They sell for 219.00 currently. Think I paid 179.00 about ten years ago. 80.00 One steel carrier that I have...
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    Yellow headlights

    My OEM headlights are throwing yellow light. They are original to the vehicle (1988) and I am wondering if replacement with updated halogens will resolve. Checked the voltage at the battery while running and was getting 13.8 volts. At the headlights I am losing about a volt (12.7). Is this...
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    Tappet Noise?

    I have what sounds like lifter noise until the engine completely warms up (10 minutes or more) then pretty much goes away. I have run the valves and had to snug a feew up and thought that would quiet it down a bit. Zero change in the level of ticking. Cruiser Dan said that it could possibly be...
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    62 Pan removal

    Thought I got this posted, but evidently screwed it up Got my pan off for a gasket replacement. Had to jack it on both sides. Have a deflection on the passenger side but not bad. Used a board between the jack and the pan to keep from denting, but ended up with some distortion Should I try to...
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    Oil pan removal

    Took the pan off my 62 today. Whew! That baby was on there! Used a jack on the frame with a block of wood to spread the pressure. Still ended up with a little bit of deflection on the passenger side of the pan. Had to jack it on both sides Do I need to worry about this or just bolt it back up?
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    Harsh shifting 62

    Several months ago I posted about shift point adjustments. I adjusted the cable so that the shift points are more favorable, but it seems to shift too harshly at times. Fine under normal acceleration, but if you let off the throttle before a shift, it bangs pretty good. Really hits in low...
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