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    Vehicle transport state to state

    I looked into auto transport when I wanted to move a car to MI from CA & that industry is so full of scammers & shakedowns, I ended up driving. Having said that, I know Mudship works well & you should at least contact the referrals mentioned above. If it was me & the beast ran well enough, I'd...
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    Very Hot in fj40 cab

    Try these guys
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    Alternator wiring help needed on 6/72 FJ40

    Toss that old unit & upgrade to the 2F alternator w/internal regulator. They were 25 bucks on Rock Auto last time I looked. The field lead is wired to the ignition switch so it has power with the switch on & that is it. Very simple install though it may require some shimming. I used my F...
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    Rebuilding Engine - Need Help

    Which engine? Refer to FSM for torque specs. Posted on this site, in many places. If you have a bolt you can't move, you need to get a friend and a cheater pipe on the end of your breaker bar to get it out. It is a very bad idea to proceed until you've resolved that issue. You may have...
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    '86 4x4 Pickup Part Out

    you have a PM
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    Parting out 1987 and 1988 toy trucks

    you have a PM
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    84' Toyota 4x4 Ex. cab SR5 parts

    you have a PM
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    Oil Leaks - What to do

    You have access to everything right there. I can only dream of having that kind of space. Remove manifolds, distributor, etc., & give everything a good power cleaning before you get started. Or do it manually as I have to do. You will be happy you did & it isn't that time consuming compared...
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    Seat belt recommendations

    I agree with the above. If it hasn't been drilled, don't drill it. Welding a tab also creates a stress area but drilling reduces the amount of steel & creates a shornuff fracture zone. The CCOT illustrations are micky-mouse installations. The anchor points should be to structural points...
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    Engine started running rough with blue smoke

    A quicker way to find the bad cylinder(s) is to pull the plug wires - one at a time! - while it is running. The one(s) that do not cause an RPM drop are where to start looking. Pull the plug(s) and look at those next. A valve stem seal should have been causing some smoking prior to the...
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    Seat belt recommendations

    More details What are you talking about? Where the shoulder belt free end is attached to the roll bar? A hole may be drilled through the bar and the belt end is attached to a bolted-down eyebolt or anchor of some sort. The cover is cosmetic. Go to Schroth Racing website Welcome to SCHROTH...
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    Wanted Ignition key cylinder & 4 spd shift knob

    MrLockSmith I did talk to Mark but I had a broken tumbler plug & it would've cost $100~ to repair it, about what new aftermarket cylinders cost. I thought I had found a used one but that didn't happen, so I went to Toyota & bought a new one, $95 out the door w/TLCA discount. Mark was very...
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    new bat, new vr, alt whats up

    13v? The problems you're having are the exact reason I chucked my F-engine charging apparatus & installed the 2F alt w/integral regulator. I have one wire from the ignition to the F terminal & that is it. The alternator can be had for $25 remnan'd & will fit the F alt bracket with a little...
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    Wanted 2F exhaust donut

    They are $5~ at the dealer & probably can be had at many muffler shops. Give your parts dude a chance.
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    Wanted Ignition key cylinder & 4 spd shift knob

    I thought of that but decided I will go that route after trying everything else. New cylinders are $100~ & most locksmiths are unwilling to do anything complicated for much less, in my experience. The engaging lug on the back of my tumbler section has broken off, too.
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    Wanted  Ignition key cylinder & 4 spd shift knob

    For my 73 40. Not interested in sticky, hard to turn, or broken cylinders. I just pried one of those out of my column. Must have key. Prefer local, Bay area, NorCal area. Georg, I emailed you. Anyone else? Post a reply or PM w/contact info. Thanks
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    1969 FJ40 Wiring Harness

    71 FSM at Coolerman's website is probably close enough !Oy: Coolermans 1971 FJ40 Build
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    72 alternator on 78 F engine?

    What alternator did you take off? Was the plug connector on the back the same as the one you just bought? If so, plug it in & see what happens. If not, you'll probably need to change regulators, or get a wiring diagram & rewire the connector.
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    Speedometer Gear is being chewed up

    You have to disconnect the cable at both ends & see if you can turn the driven cable by hand. It should turn easily. You can pull the cable & inspect it, too. It may need lubing or, more lkely, it may be binding in the housing. Using a drill motor to turn it isn't a useful way to diagnose if...
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    Voltage Regulator Going?

    What he's talking about is called full-fielding the alternator - unregulated full system voltage to the field windings. Read the volts at the battery, RPM about 2000 - it should go over 17.5v real fast & keep climbing. You could jump the F terminal w/o disconnecting the regulator by...
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