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  1. LAFDChief1

    Builds A 1994 80 Series gets an LQ9 GM V8

    I am currently putting a 6.0 LQ9 in a 94 FZJ80. I would love to have a copy of the wiring interface spreadsheet. Email is, Troy.
  2. LAFDChief1

    Wanted 1991-1992 Transmission Shifter Assembly

    Found one, thanks.
  3. LAFDChief1

    Parting out 1992 FJ80, Gold/Brown cloth interior

    I need the transmission shifter assembly. Troy
  4. LAFDChief1

    Wanted  1991-1992 Transmission Shifter Assembly

    Need FJ80 shifter assembly for GM engine swap. Troy
  5. LAFDChief1

    Another 1992 FJ80 ready for parts!

  6. LAFDChief1

    For Sale 92 FJ80 parts - Elko, NV

    Is the transmission shifter assembly available?
  7. LAFDChief1

    For Sale 80 series Interior and Bumper parts

    I am also in Los Alamos and have an 80 series, have anything left?
  8. LAFDChief1

    For Sale 80 Series Switches, Owner Manual

    I need the large blank cover.
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