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    Need a 60 rad for testing.

    I’ve got an old 60 radiator too in buda if you need it. Tim
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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    Nice clean engine compartment! Hard to tell from video, but it does look to vibrate. If with engine off you can wobble the pulley then that’s not good, you are probably correct about bearings. Better inspection would be to pull the belt off, the pulley should not wobble or have any looseness...
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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    Thanks guys! I’ve used a few tanks of gas for commuting and Christmas travel, and I have been watching the PS pump after tightening a hose fitting with minor but obvious fluid leak. The pics told a good story, that long term that little leak created quite a mess on the old air pump. It’ll be...
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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    Resurrecting this thread to followup and say that the brown bear is running again this weekend. The Cardone pump appears to be holding up. No crazy noises after an hour run time, 5 road miles. Ha! Off to a good start.
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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    Did the swap today. On this Cardone I had same issue as DXFR and needed to file about 1/16" off and round some edges of the sleeve so it would fit in the bracket for the long pivot bolt. I also needed to tap the top hole, it was jacked and I couldn't get a bolt to thread in. Other stuff seemed...
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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    I got antsy so I went with the Cardone. It spins and pushes air. Looks interesting, I hope it fits and lasts a while! I haven't pulled the stock one from my truck yet, if i remember later during the swap I'll take a side by side photo.
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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    Thank you everyone for replies, I'll update with anything that seems new info. Thanks Racer, your thread didn't come up in my earlier search, good info interesting pics. I sent you a message about the pump you're offering.
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    Best source fj60 smog pump in July 2018

    Hey folks, I have a click click clicking from the air pump on my 1984 FJ60. By hand with the belt off smog pump spins freely, but clicks a couple times each revolution, both clockwise and counterclockwise. WIth engine on there has also been a clicking noise at idle, and on occasion worse noises...
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    40 Rear axle shafts needed

    If Jeff/warpdriv doesn't have what you need from his earlier post, send me a note I have several. I need to clean out some piles. You might need to illuminate me if there are semifloat differences among years. I'm in buda
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    What area of Austin/Central Texas do you live?

    Buda tx! I voted south austin
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    Local alternator shop?

    I had a good experience with A1 Starter and Alternator in San Marcos on a 12v winch motor.
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    Local radiator repair

    Thanks guys for the recommendation! I got the radiator out, dropped it off at SOCO around 515p Monday right before they closed. They said they rodded it out and welded and pressure tested, and then called to tell me it was ready around noon the next day. Might be a bit before I get it back in...
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    Local radiator repair

    Hey Folks! Radiator and Muffler King is closed as far as i can tell. Can anyone recommend a place to fix two FJ60 radiators? Or is there a recommendation on where to get a good new one for stock configuration? 1984 fj60. Thanks! Tim
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    Build month not on VIN plate 84 FJ60

    I found this handy website that thinks I have a 10/84 based on my VIN.
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    Build month not on VIN plate 84 FJ60

    I usually see month on the driver door plate, the one in my photo above. There is no month on the plate under the hood either. Anyone else have a missing month on their driver door vin plate? Thanks!
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    Build month not on VIN plate 84 FJ60

    Hey! I just picked up an FJ60, all the numbers match all the vin plates and the frame rail. I'm pretty sure the build month has been on all my previous 40s and 60s I've owned. But the build month is not shown in the plate in the driver door jam on this one? See pic. Is a missing month common...
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    Future of LSLC Austin

    Hey- I like the idea of central and weekend meet ups, bought another 60 this week and driving it has me all pumped! Wish I could get north on weekdays, unfortunately I haven't been able to make it work. The fb page seems good idea. Tim
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    PINS Run this fall?

    One of my favorite places, and that time of year Pompano!! I'll be down there Nov 5 with kayak. Tim
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    May PINS trip ( part 2/the revenge)

    I'm missin the salt air right now. Catch a few more reds and enjoy the breeze!
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    CB Recommendation

    I have that one too, got it with two bases 10-12 yrs ago still works fine. I like it a lot in the pickup and when I had my 60. In the 40 I am always wishing it were louder or could hook up an external speaker.
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