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    3FE Thermostat Housing Sensor Threads

    I'm in the process of reassembly of my rebuilt 3FE and noticed the threads on the thermostat housing for most of the sensors need to be cleaned up. I can't figure out what size the threads are for each of the sensor ports. Does anyone know what size taps I should use to clean these up? Thanks
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    For Sale  FJ62 Door Lock and Handle Hardware

    From 1988 FJ62 Front Driver and Passenger door lock hardware Rear Driver and Passenger door lock hardware Tailgate door lock hardware Only have 3 of 4 exterior handles and one of them has been painted black. Does not include any of the lock cylinders. Make reasonable offer + shipping from 83841
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    For Sale  FJ62 4WD Transfer Case Vacuum Shifting Solenoids

    From 1988 FJ62. Working when removed. $100 + shipping from 83841
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    SOLD  FJ62 Speedometer cable

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    For Sale  1988 FJ62 A440F Transmission - Now Parting Out

    A440F automatic transmission from 1988 FJ62 - had approx 150K miles and was running when removed. I've had a few guys request specific parts, so it has been partially disassembled, only for them to flake out. Grrrrr.... At this point, just parting out. Tranny body and internals Torque...
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    For Sale  FJ62 Front Carpet - Gray

    From 1988 FJ62. Gray color. Dirty, but otherwise in good condition. Should clean up well. Make reasonable offer + shipping from 83841
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    SOLD  1988-1995 4Runner Master Cylinder and Brake Booster

    OEM (I believe) 1" master cylinder and short stud 9 1/2" dual diaphragm brake booster from a 3.0L V6 4Runner. This was installed in a 1988 FJ62 and was working perfectly when removed. $50 + shipping from 83864
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    SOLD  FJ62 (3FE) Smog Pump

    Smog / Air Pump from 1988 FJ62. Spins and pumps air, no bearing noise. This is an additional smog pump from the one included in the complete emission system posted separately. $50 + shipping from 83864
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    For Sale  FJ62 Complete Emissions / Smog system

    Pic updated 4/14 Complete smog system from 1988 FJ62. As far as I know everything works. EGR, EGR valve, smog pump, manifold air injection rail, air injection check valve, silencer, and VSV's. $200 + shipping from 83864 OBO
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    SOLD  FJ62 Center Console Gray

    Complete center console including cup holders and rear heater switch from 1988 FJ62. Used, a bit faded, and stained as shown, but no cracks. SOLD
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    SOLD  FJ62 Rear Heater

    Rear heater from 1988 FJ62. Verified working on both high and low speeds. $50 + shipping from 83864
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    For Sale  FJ60/FJ62 Door Mirrors

    Black, manual mirrors. Both driver and passenger door mirrors. Passenger side is missing the front cover, otherwise both are in good shape. Removed from a 1988 FJ62. $40 + shipping from 83864 for the pair
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    For Sale  FJ60/FJ62 Carb Cooling Fan

    Manifold / Carb / Vapor Lock cooling fan from 1988 FJ62. Verified working. $60 + shipping from 83864
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    For Sale  NEW - FJ60 Tie Rod Ends

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    For Sale  FJ60 Smog Pump

    SOLD Thanks
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    For Sale  FJ60 Birfields

    Set of used birfields from 10/85 FJ60. $120 shipped.
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    Steering shaft knuckle protector?

    So I removed this part 3+ years ago when I started my desmog project, and am finally getting around to finishing this thing up. Of course being a dumb ass and taking so long to work on it, I can't remember how this thing is installed. Seems that it bolts to the frame, then wraps around the...
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