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    Got new Marlin crawler axel seals

    I stopped by Marlin's shop yesterday to get a pair of his new HD axle seals. He is really excited about these and talked to me at length about them. I won't actually get them on my rig for a few weeks still but when we were comparing them to an oem seal they really seemed like a great idea. I...
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    Another Cut and turn

    I make no claim as to the correctness of this procedure, It is meerly how I did it to satisfy my own concerns I had wanted to cut and turn an axel for a while but was always worried about keeping it the correct width, and ensuring that both sides were the same. This axel was already off of a...
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    Drum brake interchangability

    After I got disk bakes in the front of my 72 Fj40, I saved all the stuff I took off thinking that the wheel cylinders and drums were all the same, and I could possibly reuse them. I have a rear wheel cylinder leaking now and was looking for rebuild kits and I see that the cylinders are actually...
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    Mar 77 FJ 40 Parts

    I am Parting out a good bit of a wrecked Fj40 I bought from a junk yard. All parts are as is, I think they work, but really dont know. Buyers pay shipping and handling (handling on sales under $35 is $5, no fee on higher sales) from 93720 (Fresno, CA). Truck was wrecked head on, drivers side...
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    Locking hub interchangeable?

    Will the 76-78 locking hubs fit the later trucks? I have some mini knuckles, no birfs or hubs and may eventually step up for the more common birfs and big steering pattern. I am just trying to figure out if I need hubs, or if the ones I have will work.
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    Cryo treated axle parts?

    Here's what I know: Cryogenic treatment involes exposing metals to very cold temperatures (in the -200*c neighborhood). This is done usually with liquid nitrogen either by direct or indirect exposure. Soak times vary, but usually are between one and three days. The...
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    Home brewwed hot shower setups?

    I saw a rig that used an RV pump to run water through some 1/4" copper that was coiled about 12 times around the exhaust pipe and brazed or soldered on a truck. It ran to a faucet that was under the bed there was a cold side of the faucet too that got water directly from the pump. There was...
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    Evaporative Emission controls

    On my 72 FJ40, There is what I assume to be a charcol canister on the inside of my front fender, it is attached to a device by hard lines which has long been disconnected that at one time appears it would have had vacume lines running to it. Also from the canister are hard lines going to...
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    Wanted  SM 420 adapter? Dimensions even?

    If anyone out there is sitting on an adapter they no longer intend to use, I would like to buy it. The shame is that I have access to a decent machine shop at school and could probably cut one out my self if I had some one else's design. Any one with rights to sell a design got one?
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    Axle gear preferences

    I hate to beat a dead horse, :doh: but I gotta ask what guys are doing. I know it usually recommended ( at least around here) to use 4.88s or 5.29s with 35s and a six cylinder. But I can't trailer my rig so I need some kind of highway performance too. I will be installing an SM420 in front of...
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    Ford F 250 shock towers online cheap

    I was able to order a pair of ford shock towers (E5TZ-18183A) from by the part number I got from the tech section for $10.78 a piece. I have been meaning to go down to the dealership and get these forever and just never got around to it. Now I don't have to see how much...
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    Birfield question.

    Any body know the differance in the length of a coarse birf and an early fine spline (disk) birf? My thinking is that in a disk swap you could keep the coarse birfs with a swap to early disks if you used the locking hub from the drums, I know the fine splines are stronger, but you could...
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    Sad Sad sight this morning

    I went to a scrap yard to recycle an old refridgerator, and the guy operating the Claw was using a 79- 80 4wd, front axle still intact, mini truck, held sideways to scrape up the junk into a pile. Couldn't talk them out of axle. Apparently CA DMV won't let them sell car parts, not licensed...
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