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  1. VirginiaSlim

    For Sale  18” OEM LX470 Rim / Wheel - DC

    For sale is an 18x8” stock wheel off my 2004 LX470. Wheel was used for my spare and the paint is peeling off on sections of the front. I bought a replacement on the forum and no longer need this. Good if you want to refinish it or need a backup beater rim for wheeling, etc. Sold as is. Cash or...
  2. VirginiaSlim

    The front end: a tale of many noises

    Just returned home from a road trip from DC to the Rockies and back. I wasn’t wheeling, but a few forest service roads were rough, washboarded, rocky. After driving on one road, I noticed hard spots in the steering at 9 and 3 positions. Didn’t see any power steering leaks. Here’s what I’ve...
  3. VirginiaSlim

    For Sale  Rear HVAC Blower Motor Assembly - 100 Series OEM NIB

    This is a new, Toyota OEM, unused REAR HVAC blower motor for 100 series trucks. I bought this for my 2004 LX470 but I needed the front blower not the rear. I paid $130 incl. shipping. Toyota Part No. 87103-60260. Please make sure this fits your rig. Price: $100 incl. USPS shipping or $90 DC...
  4. VirginiaSlim

    HVAC Fan Problem 2004 LX470

    I've been searching the forums for a week or two, but can't seem to figure out this little issue. I have several issues with the HVAC system (2004 LX Levinson Nav Head Unit). First issue which started 2 weeks ago: My front HVAC fan does not come on at all. Rear climate control still works...
  5. VirginiaSlim

    3rd Row Seat Belt Bolt Stuck '04 LX470

    Hey all, aspiring wrencher here. I couldn't quite find info on this topic. I'm trying to remove the 3rd row seat belt bolt on the driver side to replace the rear speaker cone (mark levinson system). Everything going fine until the seat belt bolt. I'm using a 14mm socket which fit snugly, but the...
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