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    33x10.5x15 ko2's on my stock 80

    No issues. Haven't been off-road yet. They've done great on paved surfaces in this pnw monsoon.
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    91 fj80 water dripping from behind water pump pulley

    Strange because it seems to be intermittent, but in the most inconvenient of times my truck gets low on coolant/water and gets hot. Today when i got home it wasn't immediately dripping but i left it idling until it started up. The leak seems to be from behind the pulley that attaches to the...
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    Replacing window motor - do i have to remove the regulator?

    I've got the panel & weathershield off. I'm assuming i need to tape the window in the up position, then unbolt the entire regulator, remove it as a unit, replace motor and install or can i do it without removing the regulator?
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    Anyone know if these window motors are decent?

    My driver window went out. It started where i could bang on the door and it would go up or down. Now i have to hold the switch and manually push or pull the thing up or down. I don't have $300 bucks to buy OEM. Anyone have experience with these? Interesting that they fit so many different...
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    Bedlining my 91 FJ80

    I've got considerable clear coat peel on my doors, hood and fender flares. I've decided to do either Al's or Monstaliner in black and tan on top of my dark red. Here's my attempt at sorting out what colors go where. As you can see, my clear coat is peeling pretty far down on the door panels...
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    91 FJ80 manual seats won't sit up straight enough

    Anyone else find that their manual driver seat won't lean quite far enough forward? It's not super pronounced but it's definitely a "relaxed" position, even for on the highway, and way too far back for off-roading in it's most upright position. Is there anything that can be done about it?
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    Anyone know what this hose does?

    91 FJ80 3fe It's the bottom of the three hoses that run parallel and are harnessed to the intake hose. Here's a close up (bottom one with hose clamp and zip tie): I found them both disconnected. The bottom one runs down to a little unit with 3-4 more hoses poking in & out of it.
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    Driver side window suddenly works

    Hasn't worked since i bought the truck last September. Suddenly the driver side electric window on my 91 works like there was never a problem. I was going to tear into it tomorrow since i'm doing a couple other things on it. WTF? Kinda tough to fix it when it's working right :) Maybe just...
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    Weird intermittent power loss

    Hola Trying to sort out why my 91 is acting up. What happens is i'll be cruising along suddenly lose all power. Still have electrics. It's doesn't "bog" like when you suddenly lose spark, it's like i've taken my foot off the gas. It doesn't die, just goes down to idle and there is no power...
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    Considering a 60 with a gm tbi conversion

    I'm considering taking a look at (& making an offer) on a 83 fj60 with a gm tbi conversion. Is this a common modification? Is it usually pretty striaghtforward or problematic? Thanks
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    FJ80 stance/lift question

    Came across this 80 a couple hours from where i live. It looks pretty decent and the price is OK, but looking at the wheels and tires makes we wonder. Doesn't the front wheel look like it's poking out a bit (as in wheel-spacer)? Does this look like a 4" lift? If so, it would need the...
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    Adding a cargo rack

    Hey guys I'm thinking of putting an offer on a 94 fj80 that doesn't have any kind of luggage rack. My current car has Thule box on top and it would be nice to be able to throw it over onto the cruiser for camping trips etc... It was a fortune having my v70 volvo drilled and all the crap that...
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    For Sale  1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Coupe

    1964 1/2 Coupe - $12,900 obo Would consider part trade for 95-97 fj80 Land Cruiser 289 V-8. 3-Speed Manual. No AC or PS. Runs great. Restored in 2009/2010. Car was disassembled, sand blasted, and painted. Pictures really don't do this paint job justice, the car really gleams. Changed...
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    Hello, Q on differentials

    Hi all. I'm in the market for an 80 series. Thanks so much to everyone who helped with this sites FAQ's etc, it's been a gold-mine. Looking at this pic, can i rule out that this 80 has no locking differentials? It's at a dealer and it's not advertised as such. I see some pretty dumb stuff...
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