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  1. SilverKast

    FJ62 Restomod

    So it's been a almost 2 years since I started with this cruiser, but I thought it's about time to get around to posting some pics - because we all love that! I've always been a landcruiser fan ever since my dad came home with a nice FJ40 when I was a little kid, and since then have grown up...
  2. SilverKast

    FJ62 - rear end sag

    So my 90 FJ62 had an OME/Dakar lift that the previous owner had installed before I obtained this vehicle a couple years back. I have no idea how long ago it was installed, or what type of kit it was - it appears that it was the 3" lift from what I can tell. I have since done all sorts of...
  3. SilverKast

    Wanted  FJ62 ECU 89661-60011

    Need a new ECU for my 1990 FJ62, part number is 89661-60011. Would like to get one as soon as possible so I'll be hunting around for one, but thought I'd also see if someone had one available here as well.
  4. SilverKast

    Wanted  FJ62 Rear lower tailgate, front fenders

    Looking for the lower tailgate for my 1990 FJ62, and possibly both front fenders. Color isn't important (red would be nice) but need to be rust free as I'm redoing my rig and getting ready to paint it. My existing tailgate is in pretty bad shape so I think it would be easier just to replace it...
  5. SilverKast

    Will FJ80 HD steering kit work on FJ60?

    The individual I recently purchased my FJ62 from also has a steering kit that they claimed they purchased from an aftermarket supplier. Apparently they paid $700, which appears to be quite the overpayment, although that's another issue. It's a Trail Gear HD Steering Kit for an FJ80...
  6. SilverKast

    Big Red - my FJ62

    Sold my LX450 not long ago and just recently picked up this new to me FJ62. Had been looking around for a bit for a red FJ62 until one day someone at work pulled up in one! Didn't take long and it fell into my hands, where I can now start the madness all over again. It was pretty dirty and...
  7. SilverKast

    For Sale  1997 LX450, Calgary $9500US

    Up for sale is my 1997 LX450, which I purchased in Utah and imported into Canada about a year and a half ago, prior to which it spent its life in Nevada - so it's in great shape. It should also be pretty easy to bring back into the US as it's a US vehicle with everything in miles. I love the...
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