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  1. Alex Woelfel

    Time for new springs?

    Hello All, I have been reading through a lot of post about the AHC system in my 2001 LX 470. I was looking for some input about the rear springs. The vehicle has 310,XXX miles on it, it was a 1 owner car, prior to my buying it in June. And, I have nearly all of the service records for it...
  2. Alex Woelfel

    SOLD  Los Angeles: 2003-2007 Land Cruiser/LX 470 WTB

    Hello, I have been cruising the forum for a while, and finally looking to get into a 100 series Land Cruiser or LX 470. This would be my first land cruiser. Looking to spend between $10-13k on one in good shape, that would be ready to take a long trip. I'd prefer it to be less than 200,000...
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