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  1. huuunnnt

    Parting Out  TX - FZJ80 Rear hatch part out

    I recently replaced my rusted out rear hatch with one from a different cruiser. I am selling any of the parts within the old hatch such as spoiler, glass, lock assembly, etc. Send me a PM if you have any questions or want a price on something.
  2. huuunnnt

    For Sale  WRX seats w/ bracket - 80 Series - $300 - Houston, Tx

    I have a driver and passenger seat for sale from a 2018 WRX Sti. The seats are on planted seat brackets for an 80 Series. The seats themselves are in great shape and super comfortable. The slides are some what stiff but work they may just need some bearing grease to slide a little easier. If...
  3. huuunnnt

    Anyone have a CAD model for a tailgate cover?

    I'd like to get an aluminum tailgate cover made for my 80 cause the tail gate is all kinds of warped. Figured I would ask if anyone has previously made a CAD model of one that they wouldn't mind sharing.
  4. huuunnnt

    SOLD  1FZ-FE Stainless Steel Ceramic Coated Headers

    Up for sale is a set of custom 80 series "shorty" style headers. I am the second owner of these headers I bought them a couple years back, in plans to do a complete exhaust system overhaul but life kinda got in the way and I don't have the time or the money for the endeavor. These headers are...
  5. huuunnnt

    SOLD  Whole Hog Sub woofer & Amplifier mounting bracket

    I'm selling a Whole Hog amplifier and sub woofer mount. Asking price is $70.
  6. huuunnnt

    For Sale  Auxiliary Fuse Panel (10 relays plus 10 Non-switched)

    New never used Auxiliary fuse panel made by WiredWagon, this is a larger 10 switched relay model with and additional 10 non-switched low power circuits. I have attached the wiring diagram which only shows 5 relays but uses the same wiring concept. $250 including shipping and its yours, or...
  7. huuunnnt

    Hub flange nuts stuck how do I get these suckers off?

    OK so today I planned on taking the hub flange off an getting to the bearing preload to tighten it up but I've run into a little problem. When attempting to take the nuts and cone washers off, I got two that came off the way they should, but then I had two that for some reason removed the whole...
  8. huuunnnt

    For Sale  Fzj80 OEM front driveshaft

    I have a used OEM front driveshaft that used to be on my 80, the PO had pulled it to install a longer shaft when he lifted the vehicle so here it is now for sale. It looks to be in pretty good condition just needs a little cleaning and probably cleaned out on the inside and re-created before...
  9. huuunnnt

    Knuckle rebuild - wheel bearing replacement

    So, decided it's probably about time for some front axle knuckle rebuild on my 1997 FZJ80. I jacked the tires up last week and there was a good amount of play in the tires when pushing and pulling at 12 and 6. So I need to replace the wheel bearings but I figured I might as well do a full...
  10. huuunnnt

    For Sale  80 series OEM head unit and speakers/speaker grills

    I've got a couple audio related parts I've pulled from my 1997 FZJ80. I've upgraded to better stuff so I have no need for the radio anymore. The head unit works fine when I pulled it out, all of the buttons do not light up but none the less still works if your looking for that OEM look. - 40$...
  11. huuunnnt

    Best small LED light?

    I'm looking for some LED lights to run off each side of my roof rack. Don't really want cheap ebay crap and I'm not paying ridiculous Rigid Industries prices. Anyone know anybody that makes pretty good lights (Don't necessarily have to be LED) for a good deal?
  12. huuunnnt

    New to the Forum

    Hey yall, Im new to the forum and this is my first Land Cruiser. Couple months back i picked it up in Arizona and started the addiction! I originally wanted to build it up myself but this one was such a good deal i couldn't pass up. Still getting used to the forum on here but there seems to be...
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