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  1. SwampFox118

    The Rubicon

    What’s up, guys? Some friends and I are planning to ship our trucks from the east coast to somewhere close to the Rubicon Trail (Reno? Sacramento?) and I was wondering if anyone had any experience doing this. Any recommended carriers? Any must-see’s while we’re out there? The tentative plan...
  2. SwampFox118

    Tetanus Express - 1973 FJ40 Resto/Build Thread

    Greetings, Mud family! My name is Karl, I am in the Charlotte metro area of North Carolina. I recently purchased my first Land Cruiser, a 1973 FJ40, that needs a ton of work. I also have a 2014 4Runner and a 2007 FJ Cruiser, so this build will probably be on the slow side. I purchased this...
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