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  1. ElviMcCoy

    Early 3 tower Gamiviti Expo Roof Rack for 60 for sale - MI MUD price - $400

    Going to replace it in a few weeks with one of Patricks. Hoping to find buyer/meet in GR when I go down to grab new rack. Yakima fairing too. $400 No issues. Good rack that needs a good home.
  2. ElviMcCoy

    Soft Shell vs. Hard Shell condensation Q

    A few months ago I spent some time in CO and it was in 30’s at night. I just got done w/ 10 days here in Northern Mi and it was in the mid to low 20’s at night. I have a Tepui Ayre w/ a anti-condensation mat. In the morning there would be frost under the mat on the floor of the Tepui. If I...
  3. ElviMcCoy

    Traverse City MI to Ouray CO - Engineer, Cinnamon, Hurricane, Ophir and others...

    My second round tripper this summer to CO in the 60. I follow Patrick/Bowfin Cruisers on Insta and saw his pics from the SAS. Which got me inspired to head west. After some advice and words of encouragement from Patrick, I packed up and took off. I left Wednesday the 30th and got back last...
  4. ElviMcCoy

    Sage Trout Season 2020 - FJ60 content

    Last summer my daughter and I were invited to participate in filming a short piece for Sage Fly Fishing. We spent 5 days with a film crew chasing the Hex Hatch here in Northern Michigan on the Au Sable River. My FJ60 got to play a role as well. The Film - Sage Trout Season 2020 For more...
  5. ElviMcCoy

    Road Trip - Traverse City>Denver and parts beyond....

    My daughter Molly took a new job out in Denver, so I decided to caravan out there with her in my 60. Packed up my waders and a few fly rods with plans to hit water out in the Rockies and then a swing through the Driftless area of Wisconsin on the way home. Trip ended up being a bit over 3200...
  6. ElviMcCoy

    For Sale  1987 FJ60 - 108K miles - Florida car

    On BAT Not mine Auction ends in 7 hours Bidding at $11K Bring a Trailer - FJ60
  7. ElviMcCoy

    BaT  BAT - 1983 w/ 91K miles

    1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Not mine..... but quite the specimen... From one of the Bat regulars - I saw this 60 in person a couple of months ago and it was stunning. I couldn’t believe how nice the interior was. Also, I purchased a car from the dealer and was exceptionally happy with the...
  8. ElviMcCoy

    Pulled over by the Po-Po

    Didn’t think it was possible....... speeding in an FJ60. After I got the new head dropped in, I decided to drive the FJ60 from TVC to Ionia Circuit Court for a motion hearing I had down there. On the way home I was headed north on M-66 towards Little Cannon Creek. I had the waders and the fly...
  9. ElviMcCoy

    craigslist  1983 FJ60 - 114Kmi - $6950 - Southern Truck....?

    Not mine. 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60
  10. ElviMcCoy

    craigslist  96 - 161K miles - now dropped to $3,000

    Not mine... Land Cruiser 1996
  11. ElviMcCoy

    Michigan Upper Peninsula Fishing Trip

    First - many thanks to Box Rocket for the hook up on the Tepui tent. Great price on a great tent. He helped me purchase a Tepui Ayer Sky and this was the first trip. Installation was easy. I did it by myself without any help. The online Tepui YouTube install video was super helpful. Tent...
  12. ElviMcCoy

    Maryland M416 auction on 2/22

    US ARMY Tank Automotive Command M416 Cargo Trailer
  13. ElviMcCoy

    My 1946 Jeep Bantam T3C trailer

    I found this trailer here in Michigan. Plans are for a camping build. The PO replaced the bed w/ an older Datsun truck bed that was in good shape. New 6.00x16 tires and wiring/lights. Even has the original data plate. PO did a real nice job of restoring it and used to tow it in parades with a...
  14. ElviMcCoy

    For Sale  94 186K Triple locked? $4,200

    1994 Land Cruiser Toyota not mine. CA car.
  15. ElviMcCoy

    For Sale  Local Craigs ad - 92LC, Center Lock, 126Kmiles, $6800

    1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Not mine.....
  16. ElviMcCoy

    Hoss’ Driver’s side mirror build thread

    I’m nowhere near as talented as many of the folks here. I read with admiration and fascination all of the build threads. Tearing these rigs apart in your garage or at the curb to restore these Cruisers is something else. Once again, I’m not as talented..... I have trouble changing...
  17. ElviMcCoy

    Best Mod under $10? Rear Bumper Bottle opener for Hoss.....

    The PO installed some kinda after market bumper that had back up lights built into the bumper, but they were never wired. So, I ordered a 3-way switch for the rear lights so they can be on in reverse, off or simply on which is nice when you are trying to pull your drift boat out of the river in...
  18. ElviMcCoy

    First Trip in “Hoss"

    After finding an 85 FJ60 a month or so back that had basically spent it’s entire life in the Colorado area, I towed it to my hometown in Northern Michigan and had Dave’s Garage in TVC help with a few things to get him ready for an inaugural road trip - transfer case, parking brake, head gasket...
  19. ElviMcCoy

    Noob Introductions

    I live in Northern Michigan. I owned my first FJ60 back in 1992. It was a 1985 that I found w/ 80K miles in Barrington Illinois. Back before kids, and shortly after the wedding, the wife and I took our “honeymoon” in it as we camped our way through Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park...
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