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  1. Sam Stewart

    MUDShip  Need Help Moving Truck Bed From Washington to Georgia

    As the title states I found a bed in Pasco, WA for my first gen Toyota Pickup. I need to get it back here to Atlanta, GA. The bed is a long bed so it's 7 feet long, ~5 feet wide, ~3 feet. It's off the truck and the yard that it is at has a loader. I also have a forklift here at work to unload...
  2. Sam Stewart

    Builds  New To Me 83 Long Bed Pickup

    Hey y'all!!! Been a long time. I stumbled upon a little truck very similar to the one I built my crawler out of so of course I had to buy it!! I plan on keeping this truck more street-able than my last one. It's in pretty rough shape so it's going to need a decent amount of work. It did make...
  3. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  2008 4Runner Limited - Feeler- Atlanta GA

    Thinking about possibly selling my 2008 4Runner. Amazing truck that has virtually every option. Owned by someone who works for Toyota and maintains it religiously (me). Book value is 15,000-16,000. MUD Price is $14,500 firm.
  4. Sam Stewart

    120 Series FAQ and Links

    Hello everyone. I am making us a new FAQ to condense a lot of the info we have out there. This FAQ will link back to @JLee's original FAQ but be closed to replies. Thanks and if you have additional info you would like to include, please let us know! Vendors/Aftermarket Products: GX470...
  5. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  1985 4Runner - All Stock - Atlanta, GA

    I bought this project a while back from one of my techs. It's an all stock 85 4Runner. This truck is not in perfect condition and has some miles. It's a great base to build on or restore. I replaced all of the brakes when I bought it. New pads and shoes, master cylinder and wheel cylinders...
  6. Sam Stewart

    New addition I stumbled upon: 85 4Runner

    Well, I had been thinking that I wanted another older truck but I don't have a garage currently so I figured I would look around and wait awhile. One of my technicians sends me a text that his dad wants to sell his old 4Runner for down payment money (he's buying a new Tundra.) "What year?" I...
  7. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  ToyTec spacer lift for FJ Cruiser or 4th Gen 4Runner

    I have the spacer kit from my 4Runner for sale. Will fit 4Runner or FJ Cruiser. Paid about $240 for it. Will take $150. I will also include a set of extra strut tops (pictured) if you want them. Free shipping. Best contact is MUD message or my work email:
  8. Sam Stewart

    Builds  Limited V8 4Runner "Build"

    Well, since I'm officially taking over the wife's DD, I figured I would start a "build" thread. It's not going to be so much a "build" as a rambling, thoughts, opinions, etc thread. Plans for now are below. My basic goal with this truck is to be a DD, weekend wheeler, and family camping vehicle...
  9. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  LOCKED 94 with 241k miles $3000 ATLANTA, GA

    Need to get this 80 gone!!! Price drop to $3000 WITH the ARB, or $2500 WITHOUT the ARB. Somebody needs to get this truck. Bought this 80 in hopes of making it a daily driver/weekend wheeler. Wife wants to get a "nicer" one since I'm going to be hauling my daughter around in it. Specs are...
  10. Sam Stewart

    Meet my new DD, "Marty McFly"

    Well, as most of you know, I sold my mini rock crawler. Just didn't get enough use and I hated to see it sit. The Mrs. and I have been discussing down sizing also. So I put the Tundra up for sale and got a hit on it right away! The problem is.... now I am not going to have anything to drive come...
  11. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 2013 Tundra Crewmax 5.7 Flex Fuel 4WD LIFTED CLEAN Atlanta, GA $38999

    Very good condition Tundra Crewmax!!! This truck is a 2013 with only ~21,000 miles. XSP-X wheels and step bars were installed at time of purchase. Also installed custom (black with gray stitching) Katzkin heated leather seats. It has the power bucket seats in front. The truck has a one of a kind...
  12. Sam Stewart

    How to Edit a previous post

    Woody, you asked for new threads to identify issues so I thought I would post this one. It has been asked a couple of times already and I went to edit my Vendor thread and ran into the same issue. There is no "EDIT" button or link. Thanks again for all your hard work. Despite a *few* people...
  13. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  1980 Pickup Rock Crawler $4500 OBO OR TRADE FOR 80 SERIES in Atlanta, GA

    So, I've been considering selling my crawler. I just don't have time to take it out much and I hate for it to just sit in the garage. So, I'm just putting it out there to see if there is any interest. I have seen some trucks going for very cheap lately but I don't think any are as functional as...
  14. Sam Stewart

    Bunch of Military trailers in Macon GA.

    Not a sales ad and I'm in no way affiliated with the seller. So I pass by this little U Park, U Sell lot right by our house all the time. Just went by yesterday and saw they had a bunch of military trailers. I don't own any and I'm certainly no expert but I know a lot of people on here are so...
  15. Sam Stewart

    Golden Mountain Park in July

    I know it's far for you guys but I thought I'd throw it out there. Lowe Toyota is covering the camping fees and the pavilion. Sent from another Galaxy
  16. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  ONE 33 12.50 17 and TWO 305/65/17s Macon/Atlanta GA $250

    I have ONE 33 12.50 17 that is like new. It's an off brand (Multi-Mile) but the tread is great and it does really well off road. I only have about 3 runs on this tire. I had 2 but punctured a sidewall last time out. I have also since upgraded the suspension on my truck and put some 37s on it...
  17. Sam Stewart

    PSA: TRD S/C for the 80s

    80 Series TRD S/C News I have had a few requests to see if we can get TRD S/Cs for the 80s. I have confirmed that they S/C for the 80 series IS in production. The ETA to get them back to market is 90-120 days. There is no stock at TMS, so unless someone has one sitting on their shelf...
  18. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  [GA] Top shift case and LOW pinion 8" 3rd - Macon, GA

    [GA] Forward shift case and LOW pinion 8" 3rd - Macon, GA Got a forward shift transfer case and an 8" LOW pinion third laying around. The third came out of the front of my 1980 mini truck. I swapped it for a high pinion 80 diff with an Aussie. It works fine, gears look fine. It is open, no...
  19. Sam Stewart

    7k or 10k trailer?

    So I'm looking at buying a car hauler/trailer to pull my mini to events and such. I know that a 7k will be more than enough to pull the mini and gear as the mini only weighs about 2500 lbs (I think). However, I am looking at getting an 80 some time in the next couple of years to do some mild...
  20. Sam Stewart

    NO AFFILIATION - Piggy For Sale in Macon, GA

    Hey guys. I had posted this in the Georgia Cruisers forum but I thought if anyone was looking, this would be the place. Anyway... THIS IS NOT MY TRUCK. This Piggy is for sale down by my house in Macon, Georgia. I saw it on the way home one day so I snapped a couple of pics. I didn't have...
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