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  1. 77 Mike

    SOLD 1997 LX450

    What about the trim piece below and the grill? Shipping would be to 28205. Thanks.
  2. 77 Mike

    For Sale 97 Anni Locked

    Updates? Pics? Still for sale?
  3. 77 Mike

    Advice on work truck

    All - I spend almost all my time in the '40 section. I'm out of my element when it comes to Tacomas and modifications. I'm looking for some advice on which direction to take. I should probably explain that we use these vehicles for inspecting fence lines, harassing wildlife, and looking for...
  4. 77 Mike

    You have been SPOTTED!

    Yup that would've been me. We met at OMB. No worries though, I'm not a regular on account of my work schedule. Sorry if I didn't catch the wave. I look for, and return, waves from Land Cruisers and FJ Cruisers (maybe modified Jeeps sometimes and other classic 4x4s). Sadly, I think in the 4...
  5. 77 Mike

    Just ran across a good opportunity for discounted tune-up items and brake wheel cylinders...

    I thought this was good info. Here is the link for a '77:
  6. 77 Mike

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    This weekend I took my truck up to Bonnaroo from Charlotte. It was about 760 miles round trip. The truck handled it well but brought a couple issues to light. The fan belt would start squealing going uphill in the mountains, the engine would get a little warm (never past the 2/3 mark), and...
  7. 77 Mike

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Anybody have a rocker arm adjusting screw that they want to sell? Maybe two?
  8. 77 Mike

    Charlotte Area Meeting MAY 17, 2015

    I think I can actually make the 17th. I'll put it on my calendar. Thanks John.
  9. 77 Mike

    Parting Out SOLD 1977 FJ-40 SLC, UT ALL or PART

    Sorry the sale didn't work out. Can I get the prices on the brackets that connect the hardtop to the windshield; the rear heater; the Hella lights; the choke cable; the heater valve on the firewall and the lower dash pads? Shipping to 28208?
  10. 77 Mike


    I'm not sure about copyright laws, but the TEQ logo would cool. I'd probably prefer dark gray.
  11. 77 Mike

    July 20 Charlotte Gathering

    Hey guys, had a great time meeting you and your rigs. Hopefully I can address some stuff and have the truck ready for some URE trips. I'm really anxious to put it through its paces. You guys have a cool group. I hope I've got the time to hang out with you guys more often.
  12. 77 Mike

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Direct fit and work great. JohnVee has dibs though. I'd recommend them if you're looking to replace/upgrade.
  13. 77 Mike

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    CLT - FREE festoon LED bulb (green or blue) I bought three of these festoon bulbs for the light in the dashpad. I got red, blue and green because I didn't know which I would prefer. But I'm going to keep the red, so the green and the blue are up for grabs. If you're interested send me a PM...
  14. 77 Mike

    Installing Transfer Case on a DD

    Thanks for the tip! Will do.
  15. 77 Mike

    Installing Transfer Case on a DD

    So the truck had developed a ticking sound. I checked the timing, the carb, everything under the valve cover. I even took off the side cover to look at the pushrods. I didn't stop there either. It sounded like it was coming from the bottom end of the engine so I pulled all the lifters to...
  16. 77 Mike

    Installing Transfer Case on a DD

    So I got the new transfercase mounted and then realized I put the seal for the transmission output shaft on backwards. So the first picture below shows my new method of removing transfercases. The tool is a Powerbuilt Gear Puller that I "borrowed" from Advance Auto. The thing is so poorly...
  17. 77 Mike

    Installing Transfer Case on a DD

    So that's how the thread started. I got it towed home (unbolted the rear driveshaft and dragged it). The tow truck driver thought the whole thing was awesome and insisted the case must've been cracked prior to my shenanigans. I shopped around for a new case, and considered upgrading...
  18. 77 Mike

    Installing Transfer Case on a DD

    So I took care of this issue back in January. I'm just doing this write up for anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation and hopefully it will help. And it is also as a warning to others to not do stupid things with their truck, or at least think before you do. The whole thing...
  19. 77 Mike

    new to the forum

    ^^^ What he said. You'll have a great looking truck with those fixes. And you came to the right place for advice/inspiration. It's too bad the PO didn't, but that's your gain.
  20. 77 Mike

    Cold weather has the 40 frozen in the garage

    Somewhat relevant question to the cruiser experts out there: Do you get more gas to the engine by pumping the gas pedal as you crank the engine, or would you get more if you kept the gas pedal all the way down?
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