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  1. Bennett1157

    Temp Control on Air Conditioner

    It appears that whatever I have the Temp set at when the vehicle is cranked is the only temp it will blow. So if its at 70 when I cut it off it will only blow at 70 the next time its cranked no matter how you adjust it, up or down. If I need hot defrost I must crank it and turn it up to "hot"...
  2. Bennett1157

    Vehicle Options?

    Hello, 06 470. It’s been a great vehicle and I’ve taken it on many 5 hour one way/ 300 mile trips to the Ozarks. It’s currently sits at 201,000 miles. But now my wander lust has grown and I want to start going on some farther expeditions. I’m thinking Utah/ Colorado/ Wyoming maybe even Canada...
  3. Bennett1157

    High Water Mark Trail?

    Guys, I wanted to get some opinions on the High Water Mark Trail. I saw a mention or two on here (Cottonland) searching through some older threads. Any recent rips? I have a small group out of Vicksburg (3ea 470s) and we are trying to get a 3-4 day trip up. We are not looking for anything...
  4. Bennett1157

    Male Eletrical Connectors

    Does anyone have a Part Number for the Male Connector for a 90980-11019 Female?
  5. Bennett1157

    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    I’ve read most of the threads pertaining to his topic, but I’d like to confirm. Everything I’ve read usually discusses 05 or earlier LXs and mine is a 2006. In the Grill section I have a outside Marker lamp, then a low beam assembly, then a high beam assembly. In the lower “OEM bumper” I...
  6. Bennett1157

    Sorry not MS, but a little Delta to Mound Trip.

    Rode over the Bridge today to make a Levee run from Delta to Mound. Wanted to see what the River was doing on their Side.
  7. Bennett1157

    Bienville NF?

    Guys, I found some old threads where some of you made some trips to Bienville over the years. I’m trying to find somewhere within 2-3 hours to make some one day runs to camp and explore. Looking more for Dispersed Camping rather than Primitive. Does Bienville allow dispersed camping? Are there...
  8. Bennett1157

    AHC Equipment Removal

    Previous Owner installed or had installed a Strut Master AHC Delete Kit a couple of years ago. This did not include Torsion Bar Replacement or removal of the AHC Reservoir / Globes/ ETC.. I’ve replaced the TBs. My question is can I just randomly start removing the Globes/ Reservoir/ ETC.. as...
  9. Bennett1157

    Ruined Spacer?

    Put new Slee Spacers on about a month ago. Rears went on fine, front passenger went on fine, front drivers were a little tough. I “clocked” the spacers to make sure they cleared and they slid on 3/4 of the way then stopped. I removed and tried again. Stopped in the same place. I noticed that...
  10. Bennett1157

    Camping During Hunting Season- Ouachita NF

    Myself and 3 friends having been planning a trip up from Vicksburg MS to the Mount Ida area for a little 3 day weekend. We picked Nov 9-11, but while talking to the Ranger about some questions we had he mentioned that the 10th was opening day of Rifle Season. Now down here opening day of rifle...
  11. Bennett1157

    FM Transmitter?

    Anybody ever tried one of these? Bluetooth FM Transmitter | BTFreq | BTFreq™ |
  12. Bennett1157

    Paint Issues

    Bought a 185,000 mile 2006 LX470 4-5 months ago. One of the things that really caught my attention was the Paint around the Grill area. No rock chips, scratches or anything. Car Fax was clean. Maintenance records were good for the first 100,000 years then disappeared. AHC has already been...
  13. Bennett1157

    The New Guy

    Hello Everyone, New Member and New to Land Cruisers. I have a 2006 Silver LX470 with a 183,000 miles. It’s had the Strutmaster AHC Delete so I put OEM Torsion Bars on and added some 275/70-18 Tires. A couple of Maintenance and Add ons since. Live in Vicksburg. Hope to make the meeting...
  14. Bennett1157

    2005 LX470 Console Question

    Every picture I’ve found on Google Images and every console parts breakdown I’ve looked at doesn’t show the Round Trim that I have between the H and L Shifter and AHC Controls. I found a Trim Restoration company that shows the Hole, but no explanation what it is. Any thoughts? Can I drop a...
  15. Bennett1157

    New to me 2006 LX 470

    Hello, just picked up my first Lexus/ Land Cruiser. 2006 with 184,000 miles. Interior, Exterior, and Chasis are extra clean. Looked for Months, but being in Mississippi most all of the available options are 300+ miles. Finally had one pop up 45 miles away at a Toyota Dealership. I don’t feel I...
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