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  1. fourtrax

    Merry Christmas ONSC

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  2. fourtrax

    another shop project.

    well finally getting to start on a shop. Been bouncing different ideas around and while I would like to do a stick built it is just too much for what i want. So I am looking at a Metal building. kind of limited by the way the property is laid out but, I think I can fit a 28' x 40' x14'...
  3. fourtrax

    This Saturday (May 18th) URE Work Day 9AM @ Hunt Camp

    Update from Terry Hi Everyone – This weekend we’ll be concentrating on cutting back trees and brush to make sure the whole trail corridor is clear and folks use the whole trail width since they’re 2 way traffic & to improve visibility. We’ll also clear trees, logs & branches from the tail...
  4. fourtrax

    Uwharrie work day Saturday 23rd || Cancelled ||

    From Terry Hi Everyone – I’m sorry for the late notice about the February 23rd work day but I wanted to make sure we’d be up and running. We’re going to keep it simple due to the short timing. We’ll meet this Saturday at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp. Mike Beck & Brock Stovall will be...
  5. fourtrax

    2019 Uwharrie Forest - VOLUNTEER WORK DAY SCHEDULE [ ON HOLD due to gmnt shutdown]

  6. fourtrax

    2018 Uwharrie OHV Rondesvous meeting Sat Dec 8th. 5:00 pn

    The 2018 Uwharrie OHV Rendezvous will be held on December 8, 2018 beginning at 5 pm at Boondocks Uwharrie. Agenda: 1. Uwharrie OHV Trails then and now, a look backwards and forwards 2. Community Impact: How do we recreationists impact small businesses local to the Trail System 3. Trail...
  7. fourtrax

    URE work day Sat 10/13 @ Hunt camp, 9am

    Update from Forest service. Hi Everyone – I meant to send this out last week but time slipped away. The next Volunteer Work Day is this Saturday, October 13th at 9 am. We’ll meet at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp at 9 am. I’ll introduce you to our new recreation technicians, Brock & Mike, and go...
  8. fourtrax

    Uwharrie trail update

    Terry was asking if anyone with a chainsaw could help tomorrow they are survey the trails but, need help cleaning the way.
  9. fourtrax

    Uwharrie Work Day Sept 15th (Saturday) 9AM @ Hunt Camp

    FYI, Update from Terry Hi Everyone – It has been a long time since the June work day and I know several of you did work on your own in July & August. I greatly appreciate it. The next work day is Saturday, September 15 at 9 am. We’ll meet at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp and go from there. We’re...
  10. fourtrax

    Mechanic needed Nashville.

    My sister moved to Nashville a little while back and it's a little too far for me to travel to work on her car. Can anyone recommend a reputable mechanic to replace an alternator on a Kia? Eric
  11. fourtrax

    URE WorkDay Sat June 16th 9:00 AM Hunt Camp

    Update: Hi Everyone – I know it’s been a while since we had an OHV work day. The next one is on Saturday, June 16th – that is Father’s Day Weekend. We’ll meet at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp & then head out to do the projects. CNC 4x4 has received a grant to provide lunch for everyone that...
  12. fourtrax

    URE Workday. Sat April 21st.

    Latest update from Terry. Hi Everyone – I hope you’re all doing well. This month we should be able to have our work day. We will keep it relatively focused on 2 things initially. We will be ending at 2 pm because I need to get back home in time for pictures for my son’s prom (his last one)...
  13. fourtrax

    URE Workday Sat 24th. CANCELLED!!

    Unfortunately I will be out of town for work this weekend hopefully some others in the club can make it to the workday. There are two guard rail post at the top of Dickie Bell Hill cilmb and one about 1/3 of the way up the hill on the left that need to be reset. There are also 3 pieces of...
  14. fourtrax

    URE Work day, Sat Feb 24th

    Work plan from Terry. Hope too see some of you there. Eric Hi Everyone – We’ll be doing our OHV work day on February 24th!!! Yes, we’ll be going the work day unless the weather is completely awful. Annilie & I will meet you all at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp & divide up into groups...
  15. fourtrax

    URE Work Day : Saturday Jan 20th, Cancelled. (See everyone 2/24)

    Hope to see some of you there. Update From Terry: Hi Everyone – Happy 2018!!!! I meant to send this email out last week but I’ve been swamped, as I know many of you are too. We’re planning on our OHV Work Day on this Saturday, January 20th. We’ll meet at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp at 9:30...
  16. fourtrax

    2017 Uwharrie Rendezvous Saturday Dec 9th (4pm-7pm)

    2017 Uwharrie Rendezvous 9 December 2017 4WD Clubs, OHV individual users and general public welcome! Location: Eldorado Community Center 4415 NC Highway 109 North, Eldorado, NC 27371 Time: 4 PM – 7 PM Agenda
  17. fourtrax

    URE work day Mon 11/20

    Terry/FS is not going to hold a Saturday' work day (Nov 18th) They do encourage us to come out and pick up trash and clean any ditches of debris or water. I'm not going to make it Saturday but, me and some co-workers will meet on Monday the 20th at The Outpost at 9:30 a.m. to have our own...
  18. fourtrax

    anyone near indain trail (charlotte) that could look at/pick up a couple small parts for me?

    i found a 2007 tundra at Indian Trail, that is being parted out. i looking for a steering wheel in good shape and a light switch. they are open from Monday-Friday 9am-7pm my schedule isn't flexible enough to make it down. willing to pay for your time if interested.
  19. fourtrax

    URE Work day Sat Oct 28th. - Meet up @ 9AM @ Hunt Camp

    This is a dupe, Didn't see the earlier post from 40LandCruising Our next Work Day is October 28th due to the Uwharrie Jamboree that is this weekend. The main project this month will include dragging 2 sections of long guardrails down to the very end of Moccasin Creek Road. If anyone has a...
  20. fourtrax

    Uwharrie OHV Family Meet & Greet ** Saturday Nov 4th **

    it has been said that the ohv crowd does nothing but cause undue stress on the Uwharrie District. also learned recently during a meeting that leadership on the Uwharrie sees the ohv crowd the same way he does any common visitor, that the ohv crowd and attitude here was the same as in any other...
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