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  1. nitteo

    04 GX470 left me stranded. Code P2714 no gears engage when shifting.

    code P2714, the transmission was strange from 1-2, 2-3, seems like it would rev higher than normal before the xmas lights came on and the car left me stranded on the road. questions: -seems like i need a new transmission, if so can any year 03-09 used transmission from ebay fit on my 2004...
  2. nitteo

    DO 275/70r18 on 460 Fsport wheels fit on a stock 470?

    I just added an 04 470 to my garage and I have looked everywhere and cant find info. I have spare 275/70r18s from my LC 100 Tundra Wheels...I have a chance to buy gx460 18 FSport wheels 20mm offset to take advantage of that for the 470. would this combo fit on a stock 470? thanks
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  4. nitteo

    The size 35s Discussion and Pics (mods/ wheel & tire choices)

    35 inch tires CAN fit into the 100 series... with some modding. Ive always wanted to fit the 35s into the 100, but always found conflicting info on the web. This thread is for KNOWN parameters. Hopefully we can list what wheels and offsets, tire choices, and mods needed to do to make them...
  5. nitteo

    A 100 is expensive and a labor of love (MUDD appreciation thread)

    or, the better way to say it is IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE than I thought. even more if you dont do some of the wrenching yourself. One of the parameters I had for buying was "major maintenance" recorded. The carfax stated TB/WP done at 180k, front and rear brakes done as well among other things...
  6. nitteo

    Extended BumpStops...

    Extended Bump Stops, specifically for the rear...any leads other than Timbren? I have scraping on fast "whoops" with my 295/70r18s ...
  7. nitteo

    Light Setups and Night Time photos.

    I am looking for inside (cargo + fridge) setups and outside (aux) for night rides. Thanks
  8. nitteo

    (FIXED)Help Identify Clanking (video)

    Ive check wheel play, there is none. Ive crawled under and cant find anything loose. Clanking somewhere on the passenger side, over bumps or when I go reverse. Edit: Found the culprit,it was my shock top bolt starting to walk. tightened it up and its all good.
  9. nitteo

    (10/21 UPDATE fixed) Wheel bearing failed.

    On my way home from the trail, mile 185/200. Glad the wheel didnt separate and have a catastrophe. So, what do I look for to repair/ replace? Hub, Bearing, Disc, Caliper, Pads at the least. 10/7 NEW PICS I have to order new CV Axle too, along with the complete Wheel Bearing Kit.
  10. nitteo

    Wanted  GOBI RACK Rear LADDER (100 series)

    looking to see if anyone is getting rid of theirs for whatever reason, like this one.
  11. nitteo

    Who Daily Drives their 100?

    I do, 70 miles roundtrip to work. it kills me in gas, but i love it. My old daily is now used by my wife when she doesnt need the van to haul our 3 kids everywhere. lol.
  12. nitteo

    Wanted  100 any 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.0 lift (Florida)

    im not particular if its medium/heavy ome / tough dog/ ironman / slee or what ever.
  13. nitteo

    Cement Grey 2000 TLC Auto-Blog

    This is to document my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Ownership. Its only been a few months, but this rig has taught me alot already and is forcing me in a good way to become my own mechanic. I am the 4th owner (the 3rd just held 2 months it to flip it.) The 2nd owner changed the front...
  14. nitteo

    Lift for Non-Armor Non-RTT

    I just want a lift that will keep close to stock as possible. My 100 is not gonna get armor or RTT, but will be used for camping and will have supplies for 5 people. I just want more clearance. Ive read up and searched but most are going full armor and RTT which is not what my goal is. Ive...
  15. nitteo

    No Master Key ECU Swap for Virginized ECU with Keys

    I bought my TLC with no Master Key and was fretting over losing the only key I had. I took up Mauser's Virginized ECU with Programed Keys Service on this thread: Mauser shipped the his Virginized ECU+...
  16. nitteo

    For Sale  ORLANDO- USED PELICAN CASES Was looking for Pelicans for my camera gear and happened to find this guy. I am no way affiliated with them. just passing along the savings.
  17. nitteo

    3rd Row Seatbelts

    Anyone know where I can source them? Or anyone here have them to sell? I just met up with a mud member for my seats. and I need the belts for a road trip in early June. One of the "selling points" to the wife was having 3 rows. Cant have my kids or their friends without seatbelts back there...
  18. nitteo

    Vibration over 70 MPH? wheels ? tires? worse?

    Went to Orlando and back for a wedding and there is a noticeable vibration when I go over 70MPH? any suggestions on what it is?
  19. nitteo


    Do these amazon DIY programming work? just got my truck, but it had no FOB. anyone have experience with these? alternative options? DEALER is out of the question. the key quoted (JUST THE KEY no programming) was $229.08 WTF!
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