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  1. dannyp

    Towing lights fix.

    My trailer turn signal and brake lights started acting up and i traced it to a bad 4-way harness converter or adapter or whatever the right name for it is.. It was a port installed option so im sure some will vary. This is the one i had.I'm sure someone has outlined this before but I couldn't...
  2. dannyp

    GSMTR 2020

    For those unable to attend here's the pics I've got so far. For now I'm on a Hotspot and I dont want to upload these pics twice so ill post links to them on my Facebook. The posts are public so you can look through them even if not on Facebook. click the blue f in top right of the preview to get...
  3. dannyp

    Brake controller.. Not your standard box in your knee install

    I have to go out of state and pick up another 80 on a trailer so i needed to get the 7-way and brake controller added to the LX. I have a 2000 that only came with the 4-way so it wasn't a plug and play install. Got the kit for the plug from the auto parts store that plugged in to the 4-way then...
  4. dannyp

    Unplanned river rock.

    Anybody able to make it to millageville on zero notice. My stars aligned so I'll be heading there tomorrow 1/1/18. They're open till 5. $50 a truck and $10 per person.
  5. dannyp

    Need parts. Help

    I'm hoping someone has a line on these. 36324-60080.the 4 transfer case shifter bushings. Can't find these anywhere. If anyone has 4 please let me know. Even if someone has 1 that'll help to get some 3d printed.
  6. dannyp

    Builds  build thread for dannyp

    its been a slow work in progress but ive done enough over the few years ive had it to do a build thread. I hunted craigslist for a couple months prior to finding the right one for me. I found it 6 hours away in Miami on a Saturday while at work and drove down that night after I got off...
  7. dannyp

    intro and chocolocco in september

    I am moving to Fitzgerald GA next weekend so this is my official hello. I look forward to meeting you guys on the trails, and Im always up for a tech session so I will be watching the forums for events. A few of us from Florida are going to be heading to chocolocco in Alabama the weekend of...
  8. dannyp

    rear 3rd stud size?

    Does anyone know the size/pitch of the studs in the rear 3rd member? I broke one off wheeling over the past week at GSMTR and when I replace it I'd like to find a stronger stud for the ones on the bottom. I searched and found mention of the threads getting damaged and you can double nut the...
  9. dannyp

    GSMTR 2013 pics

  10. dannyp

    I need your opinion

    we're in the process of replacing justin's head gasket in his 96 80 series. it's really dirty and I'm not sure how to clean these small journals. I'm looking for suggestions how you would clean these tiny holes. in the picture these holes I'm asking about are in a dimple in the block.
  11. dannyp

    more questions for the head gasket pros.

    it took all day but the head is off and ready to go to the machine shop. I just have a few questions. the first strange thing came up when the block drain plug was pulled nothing came out even though it had been topped off several times in the last week. I guess my question is did it burn off...
  12. dannyp

    question for the head gasket pros

    this weekend I'm going to be helping a friend with his head gasket. we are watching the dvd now and it shows the cams coming out then the head coming off. is it possible to get to the head bolts with the cams still in the head. the head shop specifically asked for the cams to be in the head so...
  13. dannyp

    Big Cypress Preserve info

    we spoke breifly about this at louis's house. i wanted to see what all was involved so, what i found out is. 1 we need a free drivers permit issued at the visitors center 2 we need to have our vehicles inspected. 3 we need the annual vehicle permit for the vehicle which is 50$ for the year. the...
  14. dannyp

    Richloam next weekend

    We planned it at luis's house. Who's still in. I am
  15. dannyp

    broken crossmember bolt drill and tap gone wrong help

    My truck started making a strange click backing out of the driveway. Checked all the usual suspects ( shock mounts,u joints) not the problem. Turns out my redneck skid/crossmember mounts had a loose bolt and was allowing a small amount of movement when the frame twisted slightly when i backed...
  16. dannyp

    dash lights are out.

    i bought the truck over a year ago and the dash lights were out then. ive replaced all the bulbs and still have no lights. i pulled the dimmer and its blown. i straight wired a jump to see if the lights would work without the dimmer and it blows the fuse every time. there is an aftermarket radio...
  17. dannyp

    Wanted  fzj80 rear axle lock actuator

    I rebuilt the one i have onece but now the wires that connect the brushes inside the motor have disentigrated and i cant see a way to fix it with no source for parts. If you have a whole working actuator that would be ideal but id still be interested in a not working unit i can scrounge parts...
  18. dannyp

    real time spindle bushing help

    my question is do the grease journals go on the top side of the spindle or the bottom side of the spindle in other words on the spindle there is the notch on the outside that gets bolted downwords do I press the bushings in to have the flat spot on the same side as the notch on the other side...
  19. dannyp

    knuckle housing stud ?

    I'm referring to the four studs at the bottom of the housing that the steering arms mount to. I have it as part # 43211a. What I'm wondering the thread pattern or pitch. My axle service is taking forever due to bad brass spindle bushings that were deffinatly bad that had to be ordered yesterday...
  20. dannyp

    Wanted  fzj 80 hand throttle

    I can't seem to find any vendor that has these since slee doesn't any more. Let me know if you have one.
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