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    For Sale  Feeler- '18 LX 2 row

    Bought it in November in Utah, drove it the next day to Santa Barbara. Wish I had kept the old '06 100 series(the Moab Brewery truck). Don't need this kind of vehicle just to drive the dog to the beach so I am asking the collective brain trust how much is might be worth in these crazy times...
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    Tutorial on '18 LX electronics and gadgetry

    I am coming from a long time with a 100 series (the Moab Brewery truck) into an '18 LX. Love the ride and power- hate the complicated electronics and gadgetry. The owners manual( for me) is useless. It seems to be mostly caveats and warnings. How did you all figure out how to use everything...
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    Park City to Santa Barbara

    Just moved to Santa Barbara and am looking to get my 570 dirty. Anyone going out around SB? Would love to tag along. Thanks in advance.
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    New 200 series owner

    Finally!! It's been a year of many changes, not the least of which has been "upgrading" to an '18 LX 570. Went to this ( '18 Silver/black 570 with 19,000 miles and new tires all around) from my old 100 series here Sold Moab Brewery in November '19, our house in Park City, UT last month and...
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    SOLD  '06 TLC

    Sonora Gold with tan leather interior. 165,000+ miles Owned by Toyota dealership owner in Victoria, TX new ‘til 96,000 miles. Moved to Utah ‘til now. Triple locked (ARB) with ARB dual compressor. Slee blueberry front bumper Slee rear bumper with dual swingouts(tire carrier and ladder carrier...
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    For Sale  2009 TLC

    Not mine etc, etc. Not sure why it's showing Alabama- its in WA
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    SOLD  Park City, UT

    4- 100 series OEM wheels. decent shape. $100.00 for all 4. Pick up in Park City only. eight oh one two oh one nine four nine three.
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    FREE  Park City, Ut '06 TLC front bumper cover and side steps

    Come and get 'em. Take all or nothing. Bumper cover is gray and has a few scratches but is in good condition. Why I ever brought these home after Slee did his magic is beyond me!!
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    SOLD  Park City, UT free- from '06 TLC

    Front bumper cover- gray Running boards. Come and get 'em or they go to the dump.
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    For Sale  Thinking of selling expedition ready '06 100 series

    I need help and input from the Mud brain trust. Thinking of selling my expedition ready '06 100 series with the following mods and accessories: Sonora Gold with tan leather interior. 165,000+ miles Owned by Toyota dealership owner in Victoria, TX new ‘til 96,000 miles. Moved to Utah ‘til now...
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    SOLD  UTAH- Wing set from ARB drawers

    Wings from the ARB drawers I had in my 100 series. Still in the box, pick up in Park City, UT.
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    Wanted  2018 LC

    White with terra or beige interior. <20,000 miles. Looking to spend around $60K. Could do a partial trade for my '06 LC, triple locked, Slee blueberry front bumper with Warn XP 9.5 winch, Slee rear bumper with dual swingouts, Slee diff drop, ARB dual compressor, Rhino Rack roof rack, 14...
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    For Sale  What will a Hertz bankruptcy do to the used 200 series market??

    Eric Sargeant please weigh in as I am shopping for a used 200 series...
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    For Sale  2019 LC in SLC

    Not mine etc. etc. Bets on what it sells for?
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    For Sale  Thinking of selling '06 built 100 series

    Looking for input from the Mud brain trust. Thinking of upgrading to a 200 series in the near future and need thoughts on how much I can get for my '06 LC with -163,000 miles, -Slee blueberry front bumper and rear bumper with dual swingouts with jerry can holder and RH tire carrier, -Warn...
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    lx 570 vs lc 200 thread

    I know, I know that search is my friend but I am not having any luck finding a thread on this topic where Markuson gave a lot of great points on the lx. Seriously looking at getting rid of the 100 series and stepping up, especially considering how the prices seem to be in free fall. Thanks in...
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    MUDShip  Car from Conn to UT

    Looking to ship an Audi from Connecticut to Utah. Long shot but worth a try. Thaks
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    200 through Kane Creek Canyon?

    Was thinking back on one of my ill advised adventures in my built 100 series- Kane Creek Canyon at night and was wondering if any of the crowd has taken their 200 series through it. Actually my 100 series is fully built after blowing my front diff that night! Anyone?
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    FREE  OEM roof rack

    Off an '06 Land Cruiser. A couple of the plastic shrouds around the mounting feet are cracked and there are no mounting bolts, but otherwise in good condition. Pick up in Park City, Utah only.
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    Wanted  06 Land Cruiser steering wheel

    Looking for a steering wheel for an 06 TLC, tan interior. Thanks
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