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    80 Series Fuel Tank Replacement Part 2

    OK, picking up on Full Fuel Tank Replacement. 10. Decided to really tighten up any rust under the truck. But it was weird. It seem like the Tank was a Rust Donor Sacrifice. Body behind tank was pristine, so I used a Truck Bed Poly Urea Coating to spray on the body before I put a new tank...
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    80 Series Fuel Tank Replacement

    Just finished up full 80 series fuel tank replacement. My truck since new, driven on East Coast, finally had a fuel smell I could not eliminate with the obvious Fuel Canister blockage etc issues. It was a tank leak from seam. Very rusted. Process: Remove Passenger Seats to access port and...
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    Partial Body Lift Possible??

    Has anyone successfully "partially" lifted a body off the frame to get at bolts like the Fuel Tank Strap or Filler Neck? I only need a few inches on the left side to remove the bolt that secures the Fuel Tank Strap anchor-to-body. When I back out the Bolt, it ends up hitting the frame. I have...
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    Blower Resistor Location '94 FZJ80

    I am debugging a "only high speed heater blower" problem. All the helpful threads have led me to believe it is either the Resistor or the A/C Amplifier and or transistor (?). I found the relays located on the DS kick panel, but don't see the resistor. Can anyone help point me in the right...
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