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  1. phippsj

    A/C condenser line rubbing.

    The a/c condenser line is just touching the edge of the pass-thru hole. Makes a buzzing sound when running. Afraid it might saw into the line. See photo. There appears to be remains of some type of protection, but has deteriorated over time. Can’t put Just anything on it because the line gets...
  2. phippsj

    Cover plug needed for OEM under engine plate.

    I want to source the round, plastic plug in the stock metal deflector (skid) plate. See photo. I found a p/n 51455A on a parts diagram. However, I can’t get this p/n to pop up anywhere. My independent Lexus mechanic says it’s not available as a separate part could only get it with the whole...
  3. phippsj

    Engine wiring harness plastic clip part numbers?

    Can anyone help with the part numbers for these plastic clip supports? Mine are crumbling apart.
  4. phippsj

    DS window pops out of track when off-roading.

    My drivers side window glass pops out of its track when all the way down while driving offroad. Gave me fits at the last two HIH. The obvious thing is to only lower it 2/3rds way and don’t worry about it. It happened once at my independent Lexus shop when I had it in for service. They reset the...
  5. phippsj

    Gamiviti canopy mounted to OEM roof rack?

    Ok. I searched but couldn’t find an answer. Got a Gamiviti canopy I want to mount to my OEM roof rack. I thought I read somewhere that Yakima crossbars were the answer. Anyone have experience with this?
  6. phippsj

    Paint shop in North Dallas area?

    Looking for a good paint shop in the north Dallas area (Lewisville, Flower Mound, Denton) to paint a new fender and front bumper cover to match my 12 yr old Cruiser. I'm doing the install myself. Just needing the paint work done. I'm not looking for cheap, but a shop that will do top quality...
  7. phippsj

    OEM front fender part # ?

    OK. Some low-life, in-bred, scum-bag, jackhole ran into my right side fender while I was parked somewhere in Dallas. Rather than file an insurance claim, pay my $500 deductible and have a skeevy body shop replace it with an aftermarket fender and a crappy paint job that doesn't match, I've...
  8. phippsj

    For Sale  Michelin AT2 275/70R18. Set of five.

    Ran them on my Land Cruiser for 35k miles. Four have 10 to 12/32's tread left. The fifth one was the spare and never ran it on the truck. All are about 2 yrs old. $500 for all five. Come get them if you want them. Not going to transport or ship.
  9. phippsj

    Need help with part number.

    Rubber isolation pad on the a/c line clamp. Don't need the whole clamp, unless that's the only way to buy it. The pad on other side is dry and cracking as well. Need help with part numbers for both. Thanks.
  10. phippsj

    2005 OEM shock part numbers?

    Oem part sites show the shocks as a discontinued item? If someone has the OEM Toyota part numbers for the standard front and rear shocks, please share. Thanks,
  11. phippsj

    1992 4 runner...What to look for?

    Planning to look at a 1992 4 runner, lift, 33's for an offroad/weekend trail truck. 225k miles and lots of maintenance history. What are the major items I should be looking for when I check over this truck, other than the obvious rust and leak issues? I'm familiar with maintaining my '05 Land...
  12. phippsj

    100 series owner thinking about buying an 80 series for bumping around.

    My daily driver '05 100 series is mostly stock and a real creampuff. Too nice to bump around off road. I'm looking for a weekend truck to do some wheeling and camping. Only want to spend around $5k and want to stay with an old Land Cruiser. A 40 series in good shape is way outside my price...
  13. phippsj

    Wheel lock set - 100 series

    For Sale - wheel locks, set of four - used These were on my 2005 Land Cruiser when I bought it a couple of years ago. Probably will fit other Toyota trucks. $50 plus shipping
  14. phippsj

    What part number?

    Need help in determining a part number. The vapor recovery valve is squealing every morning when I start my truck and also threw a CEL last week. I've entered the part number molded into the valve body into three different online oem parts sites with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. phippsj

    Is my power steering dying?

    Sometimes on my 2005 LC when I'm cranking the steering at low or no speed such as backing out of my garage or manuvering into a tight parking space my steering feels like it catches for a second. Feels like something binds up. Regular steering at speed is smooth. Would this be my power...
  16. phippsj

    What goes here?

    Anyone know the p/n of the retainer that goes in the top headlight bracket? Mine were missing when I bought the truck, so I just jammed a plastic trim retainer in there that I had lying around.
  17. phippsj

    Trails near Red River, NM ?

    Anyone run the trails in Carson National Forest just outside Red river, NM? I take my family to Red River at least twice per year and have read about the trails in the Carson National Forest. I drive a bone stock 100 series Land Cruiser with street tires so I'm not a hard-core offroader...
  18. phippsj

    Front brake job: "While you're in there" parts?

    I plan to get my front brake pads replaced and rotors turned at my independent mechanic. Unless I provide OEM parts, he will use aftermarket just to get the job done same day. I like to go OEM whenever possible, so I usually order all the parts online beforehand so I can bring them with me...
  19. phippsj

    Name that bolt!

    Anyone know the oem part number for the eight bolts holding on the plastic "No. 2 under engine cover"? It's a tapered self-starting bolt with a captured washer under the head. I can't find it identified in any of the IPC's. The threads on mine are all jimmied-up from all the R&R's. Thanks,
  20. phippsj

    P0455 code: evap system gross leak/VSC lights on?

    Driving home tonight the check engine light and VSC lights came on. Got home and plugged in my scanner and pulled code p0455 evap system gross leak. From my forum search I see that it usually requires replacement of the charcoal cannister. Since I always try to fix things myself before...
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