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  1. Ggodard

    Too Hot! help!

    Hi! I have been reading the threads, and yet...... It's a 1974 FJ40 4 coil radiator, new exhaust sytem with a thermal wrap, rebuilt alternator, new water pump.... This is a fairly new situation. hence, the above work. It heats up very quickly, and when if I am standing still in traffic, the...
  2. Ggodard

    Which steering stabilizer???!!! ('74)

    Hi- Big favor: If someone could take a look at this page and tell me which steering stabilizer works for my 1974 FJ40? I have a friend coming to Guatemala, and he lives close to Naapa auto parts in MD. These are the choices...
  3. Ggodard

    4 blade Radiator fan upgrade HELP! : )

    Hiya! and help help help! : ) I have a 1974 FJ40- been having heat problems which I fixed with a good radiator overhaul. BUT- I would like to upgrade my current 4 blade fan to a 6 or 8 blade- I have heard they help with heat A LOT. I am traveling to the US of A soon, and am hoping to pick one...
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