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    ROTW Trim Levels

    While this isn't the most interesting topic on the board, I am having difficulty finding trim levels in non-USA models (ROTW). For example, a 200 Series in Oz can be had in GX, but only comes with a 1VD-FTV and a 6 speed automatic transmission. Some mod cons are also included, i.e. it isn't a...
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    NEVER QUIT Overland's Extreme Isuzu NPR Build & 4x4 Conversion

    I am posting this for two friends; one is building the truck and one is the owner/customer. Several weeks ago, Matt at Angry Iron Metalworks in Georgia, was contacted by NEVER QUIT Overland, to explore the possibility of getting a 2019 Isuzu NPR crew cab, converted to 4WD. After seeing and...
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    Work Weekend at Ralph's

    Ralph has recently converted his property in to a private "hunting club", not because it is that exactly, but because regulations exist for that type of membership organisation, allowing multiple people to use the property, almost any time for multiple events. Therefore, we have lost our access...
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    2015 Overland Expo - Arizona captions were created for the non-wheelers among us.. Enjoy
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    Troopy for BMW E28 5-series Resource - View topic - OT: 1967 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser - South Carolina no affiliation.... Jon
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    going to Ralphs this Sunday to get some firewood, not a big group and nothing official but a few guys will be there if you want to come while the gates are open, please let me know so I can tell Ralph how many to expect. Jon
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    Military Vehicles Rally

    Durhamtown is hosting the 2010 Steel Soldiers Military Vehicle Rally this coming week and weekend. I am planning to go on Saturday and just hang out and look at the trucks. I do not plan to do any wheeling, so if anyone wants to meet up or ride along, lemme know.. Official 2010 SS Ga Rally...
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    Petit Le Mans 2010

    Petit Le Mans 2010 **PICS** I am posting these here for club members and friends to view. I dont have a huge amount of bandwidth on my host, so kindly keep these private if you would, i.e. please dont post on other boards, lists, etc. Thanks Jon
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    40 as an Expo rig

    so I know next to nothing about Landcruisers even after being around this club for almost 15 years. Talked to a buddy of mine (who has always had 4runners, minis and zukis, etc) who is building an expo rig for him and his wife to travel to AK next summer. I found the AK Expo thread on here...
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    GPS and Mapping

    How do I drop a pin at a GPS coordinate on a google map (or similar)? I can do it easily on an address. Google maps does not respond well to GPS coordinates or Lat/Long being pasted into the search bar either. Also, what is a good site for satellite images/maps, the ones on google suck...
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    ZO6 Tacoma

    This guy is a client of a good friend of mine. He owns a BMW tuning shop in town and recently blew up a 630 RWHP Dodge 1500 with a Cummins motor in it (built by Jeff Garmon) Apparently Mike has replaced it with this: Take Home a Tacoma - PlanetLSX
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    2010 Overland Expo

    2010 Overland Expo - LOTS of Pics Went to the Overland Expo outside Tucson Arizona while you guys were doing your "Expedition Ride" last weekend. There are about 60-70 pics so it may take a while for them to load. I have 1600x1200 if anyone wants them. We had great weather on Friday, little...
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    4Runner Rebuild Begins

    After sitting for two years, the 4runner was pulled out of the garage today and loaded onto a flatbed for transport to John's shop, where the work will commence this weekend: To Do List: oil change complete rebuilds on both axles including replacing a broken birfield. A few...
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    Moving Company

    Anyone have connections to a good reputable moving company that could move a friend of mine from ATL to Colorado. Probably need an 18 wheeler to get everything including a car in one trip. Thanks Jon
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    Home Theater Equipment for sale

    Had a customer bail on some equipment, so its up for sale, along with some gear from a demo theater: Big Screen Home Theater Package let me know if you can use any of it or know anyone who can, I need to get my cash back out of this ASAP, so price is negotiable, especially for cruisers...
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    Work Day at Ralph's

    Ralph is having a work day this Saturday at his property. Supposed to be a pretty good size group, this is not a club work day like we normally do. Feel free to come and camp on Friday or Saturday night, swim in the lake, do some wheeling, etc. (But you have to do some work too :-) As far as...
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    MMA/UFC Fight at Wild Bill's

    I have an extra table (four tickets) for the MMA fight at Wild Bills Gwinnett this coming Saturday night if anyone is interested. The tickets are $50 each and I got them for half price, so I will let them go for that. email me at or call me at 678.429.1089 You can see info...
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    Working on an 80

    Since I have never owned a cruiser, a lot of the cruiser related stuff is lost on me. A friend of mine, whom some of you have met at different club rides (has a Series 1 Discovery and silver 4WD 2500 Cummins Dodge) has bought an 80 with a blown motor for around a grand. He got an engine in good...
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    Parts Washer

    Cleaning out Dad's basement and he has a parts washer that never gets used. Nothing fancy, probably came from Sears or Northern type of place. About 20 gallons in the top box, raises to work height and lowers for storage. Red in colour and has four casters on it and I am pretty sure they lock...
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    Work Day at Ralph's

    Just talked to Ralph and he is planning a work day this coming Saturday to do some landscaping and other spring cleaning items. It will probably be more work and less screwing around than our normal work days as there are other people coming to help and this is not a Georgia Cruisers Event...
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