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  1. mehbohdi

    Euro headlights FZR80 ok to install?

    Are they glass lensed or plastic?
  2. mehbohdi

    Marilee’s Build Thread

    How things going? Hand and Landcruiser
  3. mehbohdi

    Help. Who has best leather and reputable?

    I Katz skinned all my seats 4 years ago and have had no issues. Material is pretty nice and fit was good. For reference I did replace foam on front seats that made alot of difference on how the they fit. Old foam is just that old foam.....
  4. mehbohdi

    Genuine Magnaflow downpipe sourcing / NOT bosal.

    I cut new 1 up for my Turbo install only used from merge pipe down. If interested message me. Also have OEM I took off it didn't have any leaks Cat isn't plugged up.
  5. mehbohdi

    Wits' End- LANDTANK's MAF and Scaled Injector Kit for S/C trucks

    I talked to Joey after my turbo install and he hadn't tried it yet, but it was on the list to do after the CARB cert. was done on test mule. As Landtank said there should not be a problem but....... Joey wasn't going to endorse it until he tried it himself. Just my $.02
  6. mehbohdi

    Did you know?

    Just for info what year did you use.
  7. mehbohdi

    Where can I get a refurb pcm/computer or have mine refurbed?

    I'm not 1 to say much on others problems, been doing the car thing for to long. In my experience and it's been awhile, in the past I was my own worst enemy. Only to discover that it's usually the simple things that fail. I will impart some wisdom. If one was to pull the the spark plugs one might...
  8. mehbohdi

    Marilee’s Build Thread

    You should see the tools, almost make you think "I could do that" .....:) Your paint job has come out great. It will get done when it gets done. With the proper applications of pain meds and alcohol the pain is tolerable. Take care and Happy Holidays!
  9. mehbohdi

    Bolt on turbo kit

    I Pm'd you instructions
  10. mehbohdi

    Ridge Grapplers. What’s been your experience

    Ran Terra Grapplers, I liked them overall, but I only got about 25,000 miles out of them.
  11. mehbohdi

    Wits End Turbo Owners

    PM'd you with instructions
  12. mehbohdi

    Cast Aluminum A343F Transmission pan, maybe??

    Subscribed, Thanks for posting
  13. mehbohdi

    Making a Magnuson supercharger for my 95TLC

    WOW! Show us what you've done, don't tell us what you going to do. Good luck with your project
  14. mehbohdi

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    ^^^Post 53,635^^^ link
  15. mehbohdi

    New block, replace camshaft?

    If this was mine I would buy, rent, barrow 1-2 or 2-3 inch/mm Micrometer measure cam lobes and journals compare to FSM specs, if all is with in spec use it, if not junk. There is something to be said about old steel if it ain't broke don't fix it. If it's lasted this long and is still with in...
  16. mehbohdi

    What goes here on the shifter panel

    i used Megazip
  17. mehbohdi

    Bolt on turbo kit

    To late, I trimmed ear off and cleaned up area of clutter.....:bang:
  18. mehbohdi

    Wits End Turbo Owners

    I will try to get 1 posted, I don't like making vid's while driving might have to find help. :)
  19. mehbohdi

    What goes here on the shifter panel

    Same here, ordered parts from Japan. Would be interested in Sticker when available.
  20. mehbohdi

    Wits End Turbo Owners

    FYI I'm running 1 new cat (only) and no CEL. My gauge says I'm hitting 7+ a little. So it could make some difference.
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